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Free asks for your comments to improve the Freebox subscriber area. You will have the opportunity to voice your opinion and discuss with the free teams to create tomorrow’s free subscriber space. This is an excellent initiative by Free. You will no longer be able to say that you are not asked for your opinion.

To do this, go to the Freebox subscriber area, a mini-preliminary questionnaire awaits you there.

Then, if you want to participate a little more, phone interviews will be arranged, depending on your availability, to better take into account your wishes, whether it is for the Free Assistance part or a service that needs to be presented differently.

Access to the subscriber area

Would you be interested in giving your opinion? Your opinion is valuable, says Free.

Please do not hesitate to respond to this call for contributions.

Here is the message displayed on my subscriber area…

Free Freebox Subscriber Area Your opinion is valuable

Free Freebox subscriber area your passage

A 1st mini-questionnaire is suggested to you.

What was the purpose of your visit?

And are you satisfied with this visit..

It is up to you to specify.

Free Freebox Experience Subscriber Area

Free Freebox Experience Subscriber Area

Free Freebox subscriber space you wanted

According to your 1st answer, an additional questionnaire will be suggested to you.

Probably to see if your research is well oriented.

Call for papers

Free subscriber area Call for contributions

Would you like to participate in a telephone interview regarding the subscriber area next October. ?

Do you agree to be contacted again for other interviews or workshops. ?

Free will contact you…

Your availability

Free subscriber space Your availabilities

Your answer is positive to participate in telephone interviews during October, indicate your preferences for the days and hours when you can be reached.

Don’t forget to do Send

The given answers don’t suit you, you have doubts, it’s simple, just delete your answers. (which will disappear)

Free subscriber area clear answers

You can start the questionnaire again the next day.

My wishes

Free Subscriber area My wishes

Since we have the floor, I would like to take this opportunity to make a few wishes.

  • Would it be possible to separate the free part from its partners? In the section My subscription – My personal information – Get commercial information from Free.

    I would like to receive information from Free to be informed about new features, but I do not want to receive it at all from partners and especially that partners can on this occasion retrieve information from my account.

  • Regarding navigation on the page, if you click from Assistance on a topic that refers to external help and according to the settings of our browser (here Firefox), a new tab will open and you will lose access to the page, except to go back to the browser. It would be interesting to keep access to the subscriber area from the original tab.
  • From the dashboardwould it be possible to set a function Research ?

Now is the time to express your wishes and participate in improving your subscriber area by participating in these interviews with Free.

In any case, it is an excellent initiative by Free. You will no longer be able to say that you are not asked for your opinion. Don’t stay in your corner and moan alone, .. Take part .

Yours sincerely

Contact me if needed on the account

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