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Do you smell bad in your car? Nothing is more unpleasant than driving a vehicle that emits more than unpleasant odors. Therefore, how to combat such fragrances that assault your sense of smell? The answer is less complex than it seems, as it is based on an ingredient that is consumed daily by thousands of people.

Smells of tobacco, gasoline, musty, musty… Your car may contain disturbing odors. Be sure there is a miracle ingredient and also economical to overcome this problem.

This popular and popular ingredient will get rid of bad smells in your car

Upon awakening, each person strives to follow their own ritual. And if there is one step that cannot be neglected or even skipped, it is the famous morning cup of coffee. For millions of people, this drink serves as fuel for the day. But what many people don’t know is that coffee grounds also have certain virtues. It is therefore no coincidence that it is used to solve many problems encountered on a daily basis. You may never have thought about it, but it can be useful for your car.

coffee grounds

Coffee grounds. Source: spm

Coffee grounds to deodorize the interior of your car

Over time and over time, your car can be invaded by strange smells that can sometimes be really repulsive. Being trapped in the middle of a smelly car is an experience that is far from pleasant. Resorting to industrial air fresheners, especially the famous magic trees in the form of a fir tree hanging on the rearview mirror, may not be the best solution to combat bad odors. In addition to spreading synthetic fragrances, most of them contain chemicals that are considered harmful to health.

To avoid being exposed to this type of product, it is better to choose a more natural and economical solution at the same time. The use of coffee grounds can therefore be an excellent alternative regarding combat bad odor. To achieve this, nothing could be simpler. When you prepare your coffee, remember to keep the coffee grounds by letting them air dry. Once it’s dry, get some tulle bags to put your coffee grounds in. Tie the bags shut and place them anywhere inside your car. Thanks to its double effect, the coffee grounds will be able to absorb odors and perfume the interior of your vehicle. And to bring a touch of freshness, you can also throw citrus peels (lemon, orange, clementine, etc.) into your bags.

Car emits a bad smell

Car emits a bad smell. Source: spm

To protect the environment, you can always give your coffee grounds a new life. Recycled, it can be used in many ways and for many reasons. Here are a few.

  • Coffee grounds to make a scrub

If you want to take care of your skin, you can always make a coffee grounds scrub. These small grains will naturally exfoliate your skin. Simply mix it in equal doses with your shower gel and apply it circularly on your body.

  • Coffee grounds for scrubbing pots

To restore a burnt pan, you can always rely on coffee grounds. Just put a handful on a sponge and then rub the bottom of your pan. The grainy appearance of the coffee grounds makes it possible to remove residues faster and easier of burned.

  • Coffee grounds to remove scratches from wooden furniture

A few scratches and here is your ruined wooden furniture. To remedy this, you can always put some wet coffee grounds, on the break or apparent crack. Then leave on for 15 minutes and wipe off with a cloth slightly moistened with warm water.

Natural home fragrance and odor chaser, you will think twice before throwing away the coffee grounds from now on.

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