EcoRéseau Business – Quickly understood on September 30

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Macron: either it is yes or it is dissolution His Captain Haddock Band-Aid. Pensioners. It has been five years since a reform in this area is imminent. And five years that it keeps getting postponed. Was that to be voted on in the autumn? It will be in the spring. Are you waiting for summer? Emmanuel Macron lets the press know, through not very subtle noises from the corridors, that if by any chance the assembly had the audacity to criticize Madame’s government The thick headhe would not hesitate dissolve. “Chicken! “, the opponents answer him in their hearts.

Bank of England all sirens blaring The BOE (Bank Of England) is in all its states. Liz Truss’s government, which has just signed one mini budget with terrifying consequences, caused a veritable wave of panic in the markets. The pound fell lower than the dollar and the ten-year mortgage rate jumped to 4.5% (more than Italy). That BOE thus intervened in an emergency yesterday, Wednesday 28 September. In a press release, the savior declares that she will act “as much as necessary”. “If market dysfunctions had continued or worsened, there would have been a real risk to financial stability,” she explained with relief in a press release. Liz Truss is vulnerable after these upheavals. that leader of the Labor opposition, Sir Keir Starmer, told Sky News: “Liz Truss is a dangerous Prime Minister. You can’t play in the casino with people’s money!”.

Xavier Bertrand, the man from We France Getting out of the woods again after a tough defeat. Rely on friends and relatives to launch a new (purposeful) political movement. In his Picardy town of Saint-Quentin, Xavier-Bertrand, president of the Hauts-de-France region, returns to national politics. “We France” becomes his laboratory of ideas. Purpose: stay on LR while the windows are opened. His main ideas? Decentralization and the fight against the extreme right. For the rest…

Michel Pinçon is no more Death of a sociologist. Not just any, Michel Pinçon. And the news went almost unnoticed by the media. Michel Pinconexpert in the social sciences in France, is died Monday, September 26according to the newspaper’s information Humanityof which he was also a faithful reader. Michel Pinçon died on Monday 26 September at the age of 80. This man, who worked with his wife Monique Pinçon-Charlot to study the customs of the upper middle class, left a considerable body of work. We will quote pell-mell: The journey to the upper middle class, The ghettos of Gotha Where Hunting with dogs, its rituals and its efforts. His wife Monique leaves this dignified message: “I am very sad to announce Michel’s death, which occurred on September 26, at the age of 80, due to the effects of Alzheimer’s disease. »

Camaïeu under judicial liquidation 2,600 employees on the floor. The Camaïeu clothing brand, in great financial difficulties, has been put into compulsory liquidation following a decision by the Lille court. The legal recovery plan, which hoped to revive the group by cutting 500 jobs, did not convince the judges. The defrauded employees who gathered in court proclaim their dismay: “Shame on you, diggers Camaieu. The diverse right-wing mayor of Roubaix, Guillaume Delbar, also known for his acquaintances with political Islamism (he will be put on trial in October), declares: “The fate of 2,600 families is at stake.” A textile production site was located in this city.

Sauvadet, head of the French departments, alarms misery The Assembly of the French Departments meets in Agen (Lot-et-Garonne). The President of the Honorable Body, Francois Sauvadet (heading the departmental council of the Côte d’Or), is the voice of this community with a strong social dimension. RSA, childhood at risk, precariousness, disability, addiction, solidarity: the department acts as a social shield. “The 103” thus sends out a warning cry: poverty in France abounds and is gaining ground. “We have an increase in uncertainty everywhere. It hits rural areas even harder,” announces Sauvadet. A very bad omen as a complicated winter approaches…

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