Andor: the mysterious blue crystal is linked to the Jedi and the Old Republic

The new episode of Andor airing on September 28 shows a blue crystal on the screen. It is a crystal that references the Old Republic and the Jedi Order.

Episode 4 of the series Andor premiered September 28 on Disney+, the entertainment giant’s SVOD site. And as always with Star wars, fans are looking for any reference. Here an inscription on the screen. A name was dropped at a time in a dialogue. Sometimes it’s a simple line of text, seemingly mundane, but elevated to the status of an internet meme.

With the episode called Aldhani, there would obviously be a lot to say. A planet name you hear in a spaceport hall. An object in a background inside a shop. Etc. However, one element in particular resonated more in our minds: the cyber crystal held by Luthen Rael, the character played by Stellan Skarsgård.

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The Cyber ​​Crystal, the Heart of Lightsaber

During the scene, Luthen Rael decides to entrust Cassian Andor with a pendant from the end of which is suspended a blue crystal: the cyber crystal. Luthen goes over to him as a promise to make the hero understand that there is no trick. He can see it as an advance on the payment Luthen will give him when a certain mission is completed – although Luthen actually intends to get it back.

It’s a kuati seal. A blue cypress crystal, the celestial stone. A relic from the ancient world. It commemorates the rebellion against the Rakata invaders. Don’t sell it for less than 50,000 credits. And know that he will always be worth more to me Luthen says to Cassian, fascinated to have such an enigmatic orb in his hands.

kyber crystal
Close-up of cyber crystal. // Source: Lucasfilm

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For those who already know Star Wars inside and out, the name kyber crystal is probably very familiar. For others, you should know that this material is the core of lightsabers. It is a very rare material in the galaxy – which is why Luthen says it should not be sold off if it is sold. One of the places to get it is the planet Ilum, in the outer rim.

This crystal is attuned to the Force and is connected to a Jedi Knight on a deeply personal level. A lightsaber is thus an extension of a Jedi’s Force consciousness. », develops the official encyclopedia of Star wars. It is with the Force that the Jedi let themselves be guided in choosing their crystal, and enter into resonance with it.

A cyber crystal is basically colorless. It is when he is associated with a Jedi that he gains his blue, green, or other shade (purple, in the case of Mace Windu, or red for the Sith – other, much rarer shades are sometimes found). This is where the color of lightsabers comes from. Luthen’s crystal is blue: has it belonged to a Jedi before?

Star wars lightsaber luke skywalker obi wan kenobi
Guess what color the cypress crystal is inside? // Source: Lucasfilm

Section 4 does not elaborate on this point. It is known that at this point in history the Jedi Order was destroyed and the survivors are only a handful. It could also be a relic from a very distant time: Luthen actually cites the Rakata invaders, a species that inhabited the galaxy thousands of years ago. We are talking about a time that goes back to the origins of the old republic and before.

The Rakata, in their heyday, had built a vast galactic empire. They had ten billion members, a hundred times as many slaves, and populated hundreds of worlds. They were also Force-sensitive. However, this colossal empire collapsed in on itself. In fact, this crystal may be a relic from a very ancient time, a few tens of millennia.


Source: Lucasfilm

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