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AGILENVILLE inaugurates its Urban Cyclo-Logistics Space in Marseille!

City logistics is a real headache: how do you meet increasing delivery demands while integrating new regulations that limit access to the city center?
With this in mind and to support its growth, AGILENVILLE has invested in an Urban Logistics Space in Marseille at the gate of the new ZFE (Low Emission Zone, which prohibits access to the city center for the most polluting vehicles, especially delivery vehicles) . ELU makes it possible to receive or centralize goods to ensure a more efficient and sustainable service to the city center in clean vehicles. The ELU is available 24 hours a day and allows carriers to deliver the ELU at night – allowing them to avoid the constraints of peak hours. The goods are then transported without CO2 emissions by our cargo bikes, tricycles or electric vehicles. They are delivered during the day at specific times. ELU Agilenville is strategically located on the chemin de l’Argile, at the junction of the A50 and the ZFE. A tractor-trailer can access it from the highway and drive out of town without delay. With 220m2 including a 16m2 cold room, this ELU is both a warehouse, preparation and order distribution center to facilitate precise multi-point deliveries. It also allows for the handling of return goods and return packaging.


A young shoot created at the end of 2018 in Marseille by Michaël MAHUT, AGILENVILLE is an urban cycle logistics company specialized in fresh and responsible deliveries. Deployed in Lyon (July 2020) and then Nice (February 2021), AGILENVILLE makes 10,000 deliveries every month with ecological vehicles without breaking the cold chain.

A fresh delivery specialist

95% of AGILENVILLE’s activity is dedicated to fresh products.
Delivery of shopping cart, food shopping on the Internet, central kitchen for nurseries, baskets with producers, our know-how is recognized in this segment
Organic supplies 0% carbon, 100% friendly.
Cargo bikes, scooters or electric cars, AGILENVILLE prefers soft and non-polluting conditions for a city where life is good.
These electric and agile vehicles are perfectly suited for confined areas and the hypercentre, even for heavy packages or pallets.

100% dedicated to city deliveries

As a logistics provider for the last city mile, AGILENVILLE handles parcels directly in the city from its customer partners or from its own depots:

Its ELU (Urban Logistics Warehouse) and its cross-docking hubs enable it to receive trucks and then deliver the goods in a soft state A responsible local company By recruiting its employees in the different districts of our cities, on fixed contracts and on time, AGILENVILLE unites urban economy and social cohesion. Agilenville is a partner in Acta Vista, Massa Jobs and Epide, which work on returning to work. 40% of our team members come from priority areas of the city.
Precise, gentle and non-polluting, AGILENVILLE delivery unites service and citizenship.

Urban Cyclo-Logistics: what is it?

What is urban logistics?
Logistics is the activity aimed at correct management of the physical flow of goods between economic actors. Within large cities, city logistics is essential to sustain a city with an average of one delivery per day. job and per week for professional activities, not to mention the growing flows associated with household consumption. However, the unwanted effects of city logistics are significant. In fact, urban freight transport generates 20% of traffic, 30% of road consumption, up to 50% of greenhouse gas emissions and local pollutants associated with transport. Urban logistics represents almost 20% of the expenditure generated by the supply chain, but is still often poorly organized in many European cities. Using vehicles that are too small, dilapidated and poorly filled, it needs to make significant progress to reduce inconvenience and increase efficiency.

What are the challenges of urban logistics?

Control the price of the last kilometer despite rising energy costs.
Curb congestion in urban areas and share urban spaces.
Reduce the ecological footprint and noise pollution
Dealing with parking issues
Reduce delivery times for increasingly demanding consumers

Urban cycle logistics, the answer of the future for our cities

Cyclo-logistics uses bicycles of various formats: bicycle trailer, cargo bike, scooters, using the strength of the calves and often assisted by electric motors.

Cyclo-logistics shows that it is the most suitable way to meet these urban logistics challenges:

Control over last mile costs: Its vehicles use little energy. Their maintenance is simple, cheaper and in the city center they are more efficient than thermal vehicles in terms of the number of deliveries.
Congestion and sharing of urban space: soft mode par excellence, bicycle delivery blends into the traffic without weighing it down. This can be done on cycle paths and shared bus lanes.
Neither pollution nor noise pollution: zero CO2 emissions and silent cycle logistics enable the city to breathe. This makes it possible to meet the new requirements from municipalities (low emission zones, 30 km/h zones, etc.)
No parking difficulties: No more anarchic double-lane parking, annoying and dangerous, cyclo-logistics finds its place in the urban mix.
Delivery times are better respected: Freed from traffic jams, cyclology offers flexibility and precision.

You’re cute about your bikes, but still…
… it goes faster by car!

False! During the day, in the city center, door to door and including the time to park, there is very little chance that a delivery person in a van will reach his customer faster than by bicycle.
… not everything can be delivered with bicycles!
It is true ! But with solutions that can transport up to 300 kg of goods, bicycle logistics could handle 80% of the goods flow in the city.
… to deliver to 20 km, it gets complicated!
It is true ! Cycle logistics is the best existing tool for the city centre, where distances are short and traffic is congested. On the outskirts or leaving the city, it is no longer competitive with other forms of transport. It is therefore the creation
of Urban Logistics Warehouses makes it possible to intelligently combine the means of transport: approach the goods in trucks and ensure delivery in the city center by bicycle. Follow the movement, take cyclo-logistics!

Turnover of €2 million per year
10,000 deliveries per month or 120,000 per year
6,000 tons of goods delivered per year
50 paid delivery people at Full-time employee
50 electric cargo bikes, 12 trailers
1 Urban Logistics warehouse of 220m2
2 Cross Docking Hubs (2 x 50m2)

A new era of carbon-free logistics in the center of Marseille

Agilenville is pleased to invite you to the inauguration of its Cyclo-logistic Warehouse on October 13, 2022 from
Lervej 43
13010 Marseilles
Come and experience this 220m2 Urban Logistics Space, ideally located on the edge of the ZFE, dedicated to cyclo-logistics and equipped with a 16 m2 cold room


19.00 Home | 19.30 Speech | 19:45.

As parking is difficult in the immediate vicinity of the warehouse, we advise you to park in the Indigo Marseille Castellane car park (10 minutes’ walk).
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