Saed talks about the import of cosmetic products and does not mention the 80 MD spent in connection with the referendum

Moussi: Saed talks about the import of cosmetic products and does not mention the 80 MD spent in connection with the referendum

Member of Parliament and party chairman Destourian available (PDL), Abir Mossy believed that the main slogans of the October 15 demonstration organized by his party were “The cup has run over” and “It’s time to act”. She criticized the worsening of the citizens’ economic and social situation and the public finances. Mossy emphasized the current political crisis and insisted on the right of the Tunisian people to choose their rulers, the political system adopted or to participate in political life.

Invited on September 28, 2022 by Myriam Belkadhi on the ether Shems FM, Abir Mossy believed that the Tunisian people had the opportunity to put an end to the process that the head of state Kaïs had initiated. Said. She stated that all political parties were invited to participate in the demonstration on October 15, 2022. The president of the PDL emphasized the absence of measures aimed at guaranteeing the rule of law, reforming the education and health sectors or pushing for economic growth. She assured that the demonstration on October 15 will be peaceful and that she could ensure the safety of the demonstrators on her own and without the help of the police.

Abir Mossy insisted on the economic and social goals of the October 15 demonstration. She renewed the invitation to all actors on the political scene with the exception of the movement Ennahda and what it has characterized as derivatives of that entity. Mossy believed that Kais Said used a destruction program and thatisia was complicit in these crimes and pretended he had no knowledge of the matter. She remembered that 75% of the registered voters had not participated in the referendum on 25 July 2022. The MP alleged that the election process was full of fraud and deceit. She believed that the political project of the President of the Republic had no connection with the demands of the Tunisian people.

We have yet to see the president make decisions about the general policies of the state in accordance with the new constitution! Where is the supplementary finance law? How do we manage our expenses? Under the new electoral system the parliament will be formed in March… We don’t have a roadmap! No one will agree to negotiate with us! We are told about negotiations with the International Monetary Fund without giving us details on this subject… The power that is in place only thinks about elections and state control… L’UGTT warns against reforms… I consulted the constitution of the Caliphate in Iran… There are several points in common with the new constitution… That’s what Kai Said seeks to do in Tunisia under the illusion of a presidential rule “, she added.

Abir Mossy believed that the head of state could have easily cleansed the political scene by dismantling the network of Islamist associations. She said there have been no changes and the situation has worsened. Mossy remembered that Kais Said was not free to do as she pleased and that she questioned her legitimacy.The decisions of the next parliament are illegitimate! The ones taken by Kais Said also… The composition of the Independent High Authority for Elections is illegitimate… He has no right to say that was the end of the parties… The flight forward and the current passage will lead to nothing… He’s talking about importing cosmetics! What a brilliant theory! And the 80 billion spent within the framework of the referendum? He has no idea about the solutions to get out of the crisis “, she added.

The president of the PDL revealed that she intended to start demonstrations and sit in Before the parliament as soon as the plenary sessions resume and that it will oppose any decisions that undermine the interests of Tunisians. She also suggested that the government did not have the necessary funds to guarantee wage increases.The government cannot implement reforms. Najla Bouden cannot make a decision. I call to face Quay Said and to present the Tunisian population with reality as it is I don’t understand how she can participate in a process that undermines women’s rights and their exclusion… Why have we thrown in the towel? On October 1, I will stand in front of the Ministry of Women to protest against exclusion and attacks on the employed », she added.


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