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MultiVersus tries to compile the characters that generate the most memes and references on the Internet, so we inevitably find Rick in the cast. When he’s not in pickle form or looking for Szechuan sauce, he can stand up to Batman, Arya Stark or Sammy, even apart from Morty, who is still never very far away.

Introduction to Rick

Let me do a special effect and let’s go home!

  • Original Universe: rick and morty
  • Full name : Rick Sanchez (aka Rick C-137)
  • First appearance: Rick and Morty – “Pilot” (December 2013)
  • Grade: magician
  • Difficulty: Experimented
  • Main type of knockout: Horizontal
  • English voice: Justin Roiland
  • French voice: ???
  • Release date : 27 September 2022

Official description: “A nihilistic megagenius and also one of the most wanted in the galaxy. Earth scientist Rick Sanchez has seen almost everything reality has to offer. Almost always accompanied by his grandson Morty, the two of them have saved the galaxy and the space-time continuum dozens of times.”

How to unlock Rick in MultiVersus?

Rick is not available directly in MultiVersusto be able to play it, you must buy it in the shop for 3,000 Gold or 700 Gleamium.

Our tips for use:

Rick is a very cerebral character in his original series (though). And then he’s a fighter that relies a lot on your strategic side, like all the mage in the game, but even more like Bugs Bunny. If you already enjoy teleporting down rabbit holes in your combos, Scientist’s Portals will take you to new heights.

In fact, instead of just being on the ground and acting vertically, its portals can be placed anywhere and used as you see fit for combos. Because yes, the character’s real strength is his ability to extend combos thanks to tools like his projectiles, his whip, and his minions that he can control (dodge when you summon one allows you to make them appear as a second before placing your order).

He has very good opportunities to prevent opponents from returning to the field, but he is also able to bring formidable buffs to his team and equally dangerous punishments to opponents, as it can even stop the use of abilities. To balance it, the developers decided to give it a specific weakness, which is the importance of cooldown.

In fact, he has five abilities that have cooldowns. If you play against him, the tactic is therefore to wait until he no longer has his entire arsenal available to counterattack and punish him. He therefore necessarily loves perks that reduce cooldowns or improve his projectiles.

Rick’s Moveset:

  • Neutral Special Move – The Minions Box / Here, Minions! :
    • Summons a minion that has the properties of a projectile. They await an order that can be given by moving the left stick in one direction:
      • to the sides, the minion simply runs attacking in his path
      • upwards the minion jumps up to do an uppercut
      • downward, the minion makes an attack that can reflect the opposing projectiles
    • If you dodge instead of indicating a direction, the minion will wait to be summoned by someone else to act.
    • In mid-air, the character summons a minion to levitate a bit.
  • Side Special Move – Portal Low-Rick Theory:
    • Allows you to aim to cause a portal to appear.
    • When there are two portals on the field, it is possible to use them once to teleport from one to the other. This is about your character, an ally activating it, or an enemy thrown into it.
    • Your team’s projectiles passing through a portal are also teleported.
    • While in the air, Rick automatically summons another portal on him if there isn’t one already.
    • While on cooldown, Rick instead uses Rocket Skis to jump forward.
  • Top Special Move – Jetpack. Carefree. :
    • Charge a jetpack to propel yourself upwards.
  • Make Special Move – Polymorphic Lightning:
    • Fires a projectile that transforms allies and enemies hit.
    • Allies have a bonus that boosts them and their projectiles, but also increases their damage.
    • Enemies that are hit turn into small reindeer dogs that cannot use attacks and take more damage while transforming.

Rick’s Special Strengths:

  • Pyrotechnic Squancheur (Level 8): The portal (special attack to the side) has a longer cooldown, but allows allies and your team’s projectiles passing through it to ignite their next target and directly ignite enemies passing through the portal.
  • Hephaestus, who? (level 10): When the whip attack (upward ground attack) is fully charged, the second strike sends down instead of up.
  • taillon-type minions (level 12): Minion damage is doubled on stunned enemies.

Tier Rewards:

  • Level 2: Cafedzilla active
  • Level 3: 5 Toasts
  • Level 4: Perk Gravity Manipulation
  • Level 5: 100 gold coins
  • Level 6: Equip allied perks
  • Level 7: Marked target active
  • Level 8: Perk Pyrotechnic Squancheur
  • Level 9: Training with assets
  • Level 10: Trump Hephaestus, who?
  • Level 11: Perk Armor Crush
  • Level 12: Advantage Minions of the Taillon type
  • Level 13: Asset Clear Skies
  • Level 14: The iconic Rick C-137
  • Level 15: Victory badge with Rick

Now that you know more about Rick, at least i MultiVersusyou can return to the game guide or to the list of character sheets.

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