I was kept in the SFSI building by police officers

Navel Toumilawyer for the owner of the building in which the premises of the Union of Internal Security Forces were located (SFSI) stated that the dispute between the owner and this organization dates back to 2012. that SFSI had been squatting in the building since that date and had refused to leave the premises. The evacuation verdict was handed down in 2014. Nevertheless, the owner was unable to carry it out and was subjected to several assaults and threats.

The lawyer explained that the state could not apply the law because of the quality of the police union. She also remembered that SFSI work began on the facade of the building, which was classified as historical heritage.The mayor of Tunis did not respond to the letter on this subject… No one could fight this union… II was surprised by the execution of the sentence “, she said.

Invited on September 28, 2022 by Elyes Gharbi on Mosaïque FM radio, Nawel Toumi confirmed that the unionists refused to evacuate the building because of their capacity as law enforcement officers. A report written by a bailiff shows that the police refused to obey the court’s decision and apply it. She explained that the owner of the building had offered them free use of an apartment in an adjacent building. that SFSI declined this proposal, claiming that he wanted to squat the entire building.

My client has been unable to operate his property since 2012. When he went twice to the building, he was ambushed… An officer reached for his service weapon as a threat… The Minister of the Interior had asked Roast to confiscate the meters. The company’s agents were deployed… That Roast informed the Ministry of the Interior about this… Who will pay the bill? No one knows ! Here is a statement collected by a notary on June 30, 2020: “You can’t do anything to us! We do what we want! “, she added.

The lawyer found been physically and verbally abused by members of SFSI same day as this statement. One of the perpetrators of this attack is the union’s treasurer, Khaled clear and another agent named Mohamed Baldy. She also explained that the latter lived with his family on the second floor of the building. She stated that dozens of appeals and letters had been sent to several high-ranking officials, such as the Presidency of the Republic, the Presidency of the Government or the Parliamentary Commission for the Administration and the Armed Forces. The lawyer has also filed a complaint after the assault she was subjected to. A colleague, a bailiff and herself had been sequestered inside the building by members of SFSI. She said the crime squad had been in charge of the case since 2020 and was unable to interview them. She believed that the Home Office could not control trade unionists.

My client has also been the victim of blackmail attempts… HAVE each time a new person appeared to offer us to evacuate the building in exchange for a sum of money… I was threatened in Ben’s court Excited I was told I would be ripped off… We had informed the Ministry of the Interior about all this… We received no response… We informed the head of government per email… The Ministry of the Interior’s inspection summoned us for an audition, nothing more… There is a difference between the ordinary policeman and the policeman trade unionist », she added.

Master Toumi explained that his client would have prevailed if the case pitted him against a simple police officer. She criticized the granting of an apartment to a police officer on the second floor of SFSI. The lawyer revealed that there had been another case against the union started. This carrier on the owner’s loss of earnings. The trade unionists were fired and experts were ordered to prepare a report. Individuals have also posed as clients to talk to her and threaten her in her office. Navel Toumi indicated that after all these events she had initiated proceedings to dissolve this union because of this bandit attitude.

The lawyer said she had contacted journalist Hamza Balloumi to devote an episode of the show The Four Truths to this affair. The latter simply replied that he would return to her. She believed that the media avoided talking about this kind of business. She believed that the SFSI represented a real danger to the state as well as to the citizens.


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