A busy 2023 roadmap for Orange Business Services

Aliette Mousnier-Lompr, CEO of Orange Business Services, opened the Orange subsidiary’s back-to-school event on September 27. The opportunity to share the operator’s and ESN’s roadmap for 2023 and confirm its status after taking up the position last May.

On the occasion of its 4th Orange Business Summit, which is being held today at the Carrousel du Louvre, Orange Business Services (OBS) presented its goals achieved and the goals set for 2023. Aliette Mousnier-Lompré, newly appointed Chief subsidiary of Orange, took stock of what it now calls both a telecom operator and a digital service company (ESN). Present in France and abroad, OBS is “at a turning point in its business”. It thus indicates that 43% of this activity now corresponds to IT and integration. With the desire to position OBS as a leading global player, Aliette Mousnier-Lompré set out to present clear objectives in a crisis situation (see her interview at LMI).

“Our first half results show a strong decline. For 18 months, we have seen our profitability fall for both structural and cyclical reasons”, analyzes the daily manager. Firstly, there is the macroeconomic, geopolitical and health context on a global level, which weighed the results. The development of the market and applications is also the reason for this decrease in results. “Working methods in companies are changing, fewer employees mean less need for business networks, but networks remain essential, especially for the relationship between employees or with customers”, it continues managing director at OBS. In fact, “some historically very strong industries are in decline,” she notes. On the other hand, three buoyant areas are growing within OBS: +8% on data, +13% on cybersecurity and +15% on cloud. Faced with these conclusions, Aliette Mousnier-Lompré announces massive investments in the technologies of the future.

“Creating a New Kind of Digital Player”

“Today we invest 1 billion euros in the cloud and data, in 2023 it will be 1 billion euros for cyber”. It sets out a clear goal: “Create a new kind of digital player and consolidate cloud, data and AI activity”. With a presence in 220 territories and countries, OBS truly dreams of being a world-renowned ESN. The Orange subsidiary also announces a detailed roadmap to accelerate development. She will focus on five areas. First, the transformation of customers’ digital infrastructures, which OBS intends to strengthen through its partnership with Netskope, a cyber security specialist. The executive also lists investments made in analytics, data and artificial intelligence, as well as in the employee and customer experience (especially through the development of contact centers). Finally, OBS indicates that it is developing the whole industry 4.0 part, including IoT and autonomous robots, digital twins, sensors installed to measure the environment, but also to start the predictive maintenance activity.

On the management side, a reorganization is also on the agenda. Aliette Mousnier-Lompré states that she will create “a new organization on 1eh January 2023″ to radically transform OBS’ operating model. The idea: to strengthen customer focus and management of the company by geographical areas and no longer by product lines, as is the case today, a model that repeats that of ESNs. The hiring of more IT-oriented and international profiles in the management team is also on the agenda. With this busy roadmap, OBS’ CEO aims for a return to growth in 2024.

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