ZFE in Lyon: why it’s getting harder and harder to get to the Groupama Stadium by car

Groupama Stadium in Décines and its access roads. (©Decines)

Its Olympic games, its gigantic concerts, its future Arena… Décines, with the activity of the OL Vallée, will have to rely more on public transport. Thousands of cars will soon be banned from driving there.

Extended low emission zone

In the coming months, the Low Emission Zone (ZFE) will be extended to new municipalities in the Lyon metropolitan area. Gradually, in 2026, more and more polluting cars will be banned from driving in Greater Lyon.

The elected representatives of Grand Lyon voted for the expansion of the perimeter of this area this Monday, September 26, 2022. In a year, Crit’Air 5 then 4 and 3 cars will gradually be banned in a large perimeter of the metropolis. Until then, only Lyon, Caluire, part of Villeurbanne and Bron were concerned.

Décines-Charpieu, its stadium and the Vallée Olympics

Among the new communes affected by this extended ZFE: Décines-Charpieu. The city of almost 30,000 inhabitants is very affected by car traffic: the eastern ring road runs along the city and serves the Groupama Stadium and its OL Vallée, real vacuum cleaners for motorists.

From 1 September 2023, the task will therefore become more complicated to drive in Décines if you use a Crit’Air 5 car.

The most polluting vehicles, Crit’Air, will be banned. From 1 September 2024 it will be Crit’Air 4 and then from 1 September 2025 Crit’Air 3. Crit’Air 2 will not be banned, unlike Lyon, Villeurbanne or Calure, because “peripheral drivers travel longer with their cars Crit’Air 2“, according to Jean-Charles Kohlhaas, Vice President of Mobility.

The arena with 12,000 more seats

The goal of Metropolis is therefore to favor the use of public transport to get to Groupama Stadium where Olympique Lyonnais plays and how many XXL concerts take place. The activity in the area is also run by OL Vallée throughout the year (gym, restaurants, leisure etc.). Traffic will also be pressured by the future large Olympic Arena with 12,000 seats.

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ZFE will be extended to several municipalities in the metropolis of Lyon. (©Adobe Stock/Illustration)

“We are in favor of the principles of ZFE, but…”

A decision from the metropolis that does not please the mayor of Décines, Laurence Faitra, who criticizes the expansion of this ZFE.

“We are for the principles of the ZFE, we are for improving the quality of the air, but what do we put in front of it? ask the elected Les Républicains. “You must be able to inform the population and create assistance. But they are ridiculous: you must record a loan 0. You must already manage to take it out to buy a hybrid or electric vehicle! »

“You need the metro to the stadium and the airport”

“There is a big problem with the mobility plan, there is no metro, the consultation did not result in anything. We need a network at territorial level,” explains the mayor, who is interviewed by Lyon news.

She defends the extension of metro A from La Soie to Vaulx-en-Velin “to the gates of Lyon Saint-Exupéry airport via the stadium and Décines” which is “a municipality with 30,000 inhabitants”. “The T3 tram is completely full every day,” laments the elected representative.

According to her, this ZFE can only be accompanied by significant support, a metro and relay parkings, because “eastern Lyon is booming” with significant flows from northern Isère and Ain.

Laurence Faitra regrets that the Groupama Stadium is not better supported by the Métropole du Grand Lyon. “In London there is the tube that reaches the gates of the stadiums…”

Will this ZFE threaten the appeal of Décine and its stadium? “For the Olympics, there are many regulars, and so it works well with the park and ride facilities and the pace in addition to trams, but we start to have problems when there are big events and big concerts. The traffic comes from everywhere. We barricade ourselves and that prevents Décinois from returning home! » Cuts the mayor, who maintains that the metro is the solution in eastern Lyon.

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