Perpignan – Stamped cars, grilled stop sign, smashed wall: residents of rue Clodion are annoyed by speeding

In the Bas-Vernet district, residents of rue Clodion in Perpignan fear for their safety as vehicles drive too fast in front of their door and cause increasingly significant material damage to their own cars. After asking the town hall of Perpignan several times about this situation, they are still hoping for an outstretched hand.

“Do we have to wait until there’s a death on our street to realize what’s happening?” Today, the damage is material and the fear is visceral. But tomorrow? This is why the residents of rue Claude Clodion in Bas-Vernet in Perpignan throw a bottle into the sea. For the last fifteen years, all municipalities together have warned of the danger of excessive speeds caused by cars day and night. motorbikes disturbing the tranquility of their artery, a true oasis of peace not far from the city of Clodion. Which unfortunately feeds the recent months’ chronicle of various events in the media, after a young man of 17 lost his life there, shot and killed, that another was injured there, and that law enforcement raids are multiplying to dismantle the drug trade and put an end to the urban rodeos. “The road trip on our axis has risen to a new level of seriousness in recent months.concern the main stakeholders. We insist that we are not talking about insecurity or crime. We don’t mix things up. Here, it’s the speeds of certain vehicles that are frightening.”

“The road hazard on our axis has risen to a new level of severity in recent months,” worries the protagonist.
Michael Clementz

We see the cars go by like airplanes

In this street that leads to Avenue Louis Torcatis, the inhabitants have lived there for several decades, or even better, they grew up there. “We get along well, we help each otherthey say. But nothing moves to bring us to safety. From our living rooms we see cars passing like planes. We hear them too. Sometimes one car chases another. The motorcycles also accelerate on our long straight. The installed speed bags are useless and the only implanted stop sign is regularly burned. This phenomenon of excessive speed exists elsewhere, we are aware of it. But things have been done to curb the problem, such as at Vernet-Salanque, Torcatis or Champ de Mars. We would wonder if we should block the street to protect the children. They circulate there on foot, on scooters, because there are elementary schools in the sector and the hackberry park.

“The road hazard on our axis has risen to a new level of severity in recent months,” worries the protagonist.
Michael Clementz

Several thousand euros in costs and scrap cars

No one wants to give up or, even worse, move given the situation. Especially since this anxiety at the thought of setting foot on the street for this daily hassle comes at the cost of several thousand euros or departures to the scrap yard with damaged or even stamped cars: “When a car sleeps outside, you wonder if you’ll find it the next day.” Recently, on a Saturday morning at market time, a car driving on the rue Claude Clodion rammed into another that was parked, pushing it and pinning it. The latter was heavily damaged, damaging a power pole, leaving marks on the ground and seeing the pavement split under the wheels. The driver in question immediately ran away. This situation is not an isolated case. In addition, a corner house found itself with a car driven at full speed in its garden after the destruction of its low wall.

“The road hazard on our axis has risen to a new level of severity in recent months,” worries the protagonist.
Michael Clementz

Since the summer of 2020, RN municipality has received a registered letter drawing attention to this situation. No answer. Reminder that the registered letter has been sent. No answer. Agreements have been requested. A petition has been sent. In July 2021, elected representatives came to the site with technical managers. They would have claimed “To take care of.” In 2022, the file was sent to new contacts. A reminder email was sent last August. “To break the speed, we require a single direction of traffic, from the Bas-Vernet pharmacy to the HLMs, installation of asphalt speed bumpslists the neighborhood. Earlier we had mentioned the idea of ​​installing a camera or having the parking spaces painted on the ground. In vain. Meanwhile, to slow people down, we strategically park our cars on both sides of the road…” Will the municipality react quickly?

“Don’t put a handkerchief on it”

Contacted immediately by The independent to respond to the situation affecting the residents of rue Claude Clodion in Perpignan, the municipality in the form of Frédéric Guillaumon, assistant of the city’s equipment, made the trip this Tuesday morning to Bas-Vernet to see what it is.

“I learned what happened on Monday nightadvances the chosen one. I like to keep things straight and I can tell you we’re not going to put a handkerchief to it. I didn’t hide and went to meet some locals on the spot.” Why hadn’t the municipality reacted before, despite the wishes of the citizens? “I couldn’t tell you. I was briefed on the story, that’s all. Now it’s a matter of necessity. It’s our duty, our responsibility as elected officials to change things. I hope that the answers we come up with will be appropriate because it is also about the rudeness of some.”

On the one-way question submitted by the residents of rue Clodion, “It would be ideal, but you have to see how you absorb the power of other cars” explained Frédéric Guillaumon. It was also mentioned “a curb overflow with a funnel effect” and “concrete speed bumps like at Torcatis or pavement layout with markings.” A camera ? A radar? “Too complicated.”

The debates will continue on Wednesday, September 28, in the presence of the director of urban equipment services to assess the feasibility of such and such a project.

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