Moshnake: A GameFi platform inspired by Ethereum and Cosmos to recreate the classic Snake game on Metaverse

An enhanced version of the classic snake game that users once enjoyed on their mobile devices is now available through Moshnake. To encourage players to engage in this excellent gaming experience, Moshnake has implemented the P2E model of play-to-win in his metaverse.

Decentralization is an exciting aspect of Moshnake because it allows users to recommend nicer features and participate in platform decisions. This feature is missing in the conventional gaming system, which often has a rigid structure. There is no room for improvement as developers only decide on all components and functions.

Moshnake contains other adventurous challenges that create an exciting user experience. The game offers facilities for players to feed and groom the snakes. Players can also battle against other snakes in the Battle Royale arena. Available snakes include Vipers, Mambas, Cobras and Kraits.

Moshnake receives massive support from some prominent companies such as; Coindesk, CoinTelegraph, Yahoo Finance and many more. The support received from these institutions will enable Moshnake to achieve its competitive goals with other GameFi platforms.

Moshnake ecosystem

The Moshnake architecture development process will be ongoing. Moshnake will implement all community recommendations to improve the player experience to further improve the ecosystem. All these activities will give users more rewards on the Moshnake platform.

Moshnake Token

Moshnake issued two BEP-20 tokens on Binance Smart Chain BSC. $MSH is the governance token, while $VEN is the native currency that powers most operations in the Moshnake domain. Players earn rewards through $VEN while they can stake the $MSH token to participate in the governance protocol.

How does Moshnake stack up against Ethereum and Cosmos?


Ethereum is the most sophisticated network that takes advantage of blockchain technology. The heart of the Ethereum architecture consists of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). The machine executes smart contracts created in a high-level language called Solidity.

Today, anyone can create digital art and send it to decentralized NFT marketplaces using Ethereum’s network. Ethereum’s network has the significant disadvantage of not being fully decentralized, with most of its nodes hosted by Amazon’s centralized cloud servers.

Ethereum’s native token, Ether ETH, is the second most popular and traded token in the crypto market behind Bitcoin.


Cosmos is called the internet of blockchains, with the primary goal of connecting multiple blockchains and thus ensuring interoperability. The Cosmos network offers high performance with its adoption of technologies such as; Inter Blockchain Communication (IBC), Tendermint and Cosmos SDK.

These technologies enable Cosmos to deliver scalable, fast and secure operation to users and project developers. Cosmos independently creates a blockchain system that connects to a central hub called the Cosmos Hub. The Proof of Stake consensus mechanism powers this Hub.

With the optimized network of Cosmos, many leading projects prefer to launch their projects on the network. These projects include: Kava, Game of Stakes, Kepir wallet and Osmosis DEX.

In February 2021, Cosmos hosted its largest project to date, called Stargate. Cosmos Hub’s native token is ATOM, which qualifies participants to vote on governance proposals.

How to be a Moshnake Metaverse player

To participate in the Moshnake ecosystem, acquire tool tokens during the pre-sale by following the instructions below:

  • Create a Metamask Wallet account via and save your seed set.
  • Fund the wallet with enough payout tokens using your favorite crypto exchange, e.g. Binance (eg BNB).
  • Link the BNB Smart Chain network to the wallet.
  • Enter Moshnake official presale portal on wallet browser and surf
  • Connect your wallet to the pre-sale website.

  • Enter the number of tokens you wish to purchase.
  • Fill in other information and click buy to complete your order.
  • You submit a request to claim your token when the presale is over.

With Moshnake, you can enjoy some quality time in the metaverse and earn some income. The platform also allows users to own their own snake NFTs.

Join the platform now to enjoy its benefits.

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