Designed portable powerhouse that stands out from the competition

IMMOTOR is a company founded in 2015 in Los Angeles, California, which focuses on green energy technologies. The brand has already launched a first crowdfunding campaign for the IMMOTOR GO electric scooter. Unlike a large number of projects on the platform that are not fulfilled, this was a success, as the scooter was subsequently put up for sale on Amazon. Today, the manufacturer reveals two new portable travel batteries via a new crowdfunding campaign, BAY1000 and BAY500. We are going to discover the latter together and observe, thanks to its characteristics, why it stands out from the competition.

IMMOTOR BAY500: Technical characteristics

  • 15W wireless charging
  • Two AC outputs (nominal 500W and 1200W)
  • Two USB Type-C ports that support PD100W fast charging
  • Two 18W USB-A ports
  • DC 5525 port, solar panel charging with built-in MPPT system (max 100W)
  • AC & DC pass-through charging
  • Weight: 6.8 kg
  • 18650 NCM lithium-ion cell battery (+1000 cycles)
  • Capacity 542.9Wh
  • Smart app control
  • Fanless design (0dB operating noise)
  • mood lighting
  • Emergency LEDs
  • Connection: Bluetooth
  • Size: 23*19*15.7cm

IMMOTOR BAY500: The battery in detail

A unique and durable design

We have tested many portable batteries on, but none allow customization. It is therefore the first that we are dealing with a station available in several color/pattern choices.

The BAY500 is available in 5 different colors to stand out or blend into an environment during your excursions. You can find this pattern in; Mountain Green, Glacier Silver, Space Grey, Shell White, Rose Red

Make no mistake, the shell is not plastic, but steel. It is also waterproof, impervious to water splashes and “dustproof”, protected from dust.

Immotor Bay500 Design hand-portable battery

Although it is very stylish thanks to its leather cover, the comfortable carrying handle is also solid thanks to its stainless steel structure.

All ports and powers available

This station, which you can take anywhere thanks to its weight of 6.8 kg, has several ports, including newer and faster USB ports.

Immotor Bay500 Design Portable Battery

Both USB-A ports are Quick Charge 3.0 compatible and support up to 18W to quickly charge your compatible devices such as your phone, small power bank and other electronic devices.

Two newer USB Type C ports are also present and support PD100W output. As you probably understood, they can support up to 100W of power for two devices at the same time, allowing you to charge your phones, tablets, laptops and other devices at the fastest speed possible today.

On the top of the device you will find a 15W wireless charging slot that allows you to recharge quickly and travel with fewer cables. Many phones are compatible like iPhone 12 (and above) as well as headphones like AirPods 2.

Immotor Bay500 wireless charging portable battery

This BAY500 also has a DC5521 output. This DC output port can support 12V constant voltage output, which is very useful for outdoor refrigerators and other electrical appliances that require stable power.

The two AC ports on the back of the BAY500 can support a nominal power of 500W (the total number of the two ports does not exceed 500W). Appliances such as televisions, electric fans, small electric kettles, all-in-one computers and other home and outdoor electrical appliances can be powered through this.

Charge with solar energy

There’s one last port that we haven’t talked about, and that’s the one that allows you to connect the brand’s solar panel to it. This DC 5525 port allows battery charging of a solar panel with built-in MPPT system (30% efficiency increase compared to normal solar panel charging) up to 100W max.

Immotor Solar Panels

Place the solar panel in a sunny location, pull out the built-in charging cable and plug the charging plug into the dedicated battery port. Charging starts automatically and the charging input power and battery capacity can be checked in real time through the IMMOTOR app, which we will cover a little later in the article.

The battery is fully charged in 1.8 hours in combination with 100W DC charging.

Mood lamp and SOS

This BAY500 has useful lighting for several usage scenarios. You can use it as an emergency LED first. Long press the “LIGHT” button to activate fast flashing or SOS morse code.

Immotor Bay500 Lamp Light Led

But you can mainly use this light as a luxury ambient light. This can be controlled via the IMMOTOR application to turn it on/off, do a color change, choose a breathing mode, auto magic color, etc…

This ambient light also lights up clockwise according to the percentage of current power (below 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%), and you can check the charging status at any time. When the remaining battery capacity is 25% or less, the ambient light will turn on to remind you to recharge in time.

Additional details

The strong point of this battery, its absence of a fan. This will load and be used without possible noise pollution.

The cells used in this battery are electric 18650 NCM lithium-ion cells that ensure a safe and stable power boost. The charging time is given up to more than 1000 cycles.

Smart app

This battery can be controlled intelligently by the mobile application dedicated to it. This app named IMMOTOR is able to monitor the SoC (platform that allows monitoring and management of information system security) in real time, the remaining time of possible use, the remaining charging time and to control the ambient light.

Immotor Bay500 Bay1000 App Portable Battery App

You can also enable and disable USB/DC battery inputs/outputs and view the charging current for each output.

Blockchain and NFTs

Big news implemented by the brand, you can earn NFT with IMMOTOR power plant is in partnership with Green Power Network. Users are rewarded for using green energy with real NFT prizes.

Immotor Bay500 Bay1000 Blockchain Tech Coin

To access the Blockchain and associate the battery, simply use the soon-to-be-released GPN mobile app. It is the world’s first Energy-Fi app that combines blockchain and power plant devices. Based on the vision of Green Power Network, it is built on Binance Smart Chain.

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