Ahmed Chaftar will be a candidate in the December 2022 general election

The member of the explanatory campaign and political activist close to the President of the Republic Kaïs Saïed, Ahmed Chaftar announced that he will present himself as a candidate in the early legislative elections on December 17, 2022. He explained that this change of attitude was due. the importance of this phase in the realization of the political project of grassroots governance. Chaftar will stand as a candidate for the electoral district of Zarzis. ” I would have preferred to remain a free citizen… Management of the bases will be carried out from this chamber… Staying out of the assembly will not allow me to bring the necessary help… My presence will make it possible to have a better contribution “, he added.

In an interview conducted by Kaouther Zantour and published on 27 September 2022 by the newspaper Acharaa Al Magharibi, Ahmed Chaftar confirmed that he had not consulted the President of the Republic before making this decision. He reminded that the candidates, regardless of their affiliation, did not have to consult the head of state about their candidacies and that the electoral decree did not exclude anyone. Chaftar believed that Tunisia suffered from binational corporations in the past. He said that all who had ruled had fled abroad. He insinuated that a large part of them had served the interests of certain economic actors. Asked about the appointment of Elyes Fakhfakh, also binational, to the post of head of government, Chaftar confirmed that it was not a matter of the election of the president, but of an appointment based on proposals from political parties. He also believed that these structures were living their last moments and that the citizens chose to end their era.

The member of the explanation campaign believed that Tunisia was entering a new revolutionary phase without violence, which aimed to lead to the elaboration of one or more new modes of development. According to him, this approach does not take ideological affiliations into account. The creation of the Assembly of People’s Representatives and the National Council of Regions and Districts aims to make citizens active and guarantee their participation at the local level.

In Tunisia there are 70 billionaires and 500 millionaires who monopolize more than 70% of the national wealth… We must prosecute those who have illegally earned their wealth… 25 billionaires top the list of smugglers… We must integrate them into the economy under certain conditions… We must fight against the rentier economy… I encourage those responsible to check the balance sheets and the applications submitted to the banks… They can also observe the difference between customs declarations and goods , crossing the border and in containers… The smugglers control almost 50% of the market without paying a single millimeter… We have no connection with them… Professor Kaïs Saïed ran as an independent in the first round of the 2019 presidential elections. .. The smugglers each supported their candidate… Everyone was surprised by his passage to the second round. We expected to have more votes and a win in the first round “, he added.

Ahmed Chaftar said that some members of the explanatory campaign could run for the general election in December 2022 and that we could have several candidates in the same electoral district. He insisted on the positive effect of the formation of the Parliament and the National Council of Regions and Districts and the concretization of the transition to a new system. He believed that the head of state, Kaïs Saïed, had no connection with the last decade, that he had not failed to qualify it as a black decade. Chaftar explained that Kais Saïed had not formed political alliances or been part of the High Authority to realize the goals of the revolution. He, the president and the rest of the members of the explanatory campaign would have chosen to boycott the parliamentary and presidential elections in 2014. He recalled that the members of the explanatory campaign organized a conference aimed at providing the necessary explanations about corporate citizens . He regretted the absence of the media.

Ahmed Chaftar confirmed that the new division introduced by the Electoral Decree guaranteed one seat per 75,000 inhabitants. He believed that legislative candidates should not promise to create jobs or factories because that is not their role. According to him, Parliament should not deal with issues relating to the economy and regional development.

The explanatory campaign member was asked about a possible popular uprising due to the worsening social and economic situation. He believed that this posed no danger to him and his comrades because they did not form a political party that would be held responsible for the matter. Chaftar believed that this uprising will not target the president, but the system in place that has ruled for several years, adding that Abir Moussi and his PDL party are part of it. He also denied any connection between the members of the explanatory campaign and the current government and confirmed that the bearers of the grassroots governance project were not in power and did not govern. “ Only three ministers are part of our project. As for the governors, they represent less than half of this body… The appointment is not based on political affiliation… We are not afraid of a popular uprising… We want to be part of it “, he insisted.

Ahmed Chaftar believed that the president succeeded in creating a republican police force and guaranteeing the independence of the interior ministry. The President of the Republic would also have succeeded in reforming the electoral system as well as the judicial system. The member of the explanation campaign confirmed that there were corrupt judges. He also assured that there was a former elected official who would have collected 1,500 billion in connection with corruption cases. He swore the facts were true.


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