A look back at “Inspiring Women in Business” with Adriana Record and Grégoire Vigroux

A look back at the “Inspiring Women in Business” event organized at the French Institute in Romania with this joint interview with Adriana Record (Vice President of French Tech Bucharest) and Grégoire Vigroux (President of French Tech Bucharest) ).

Personally, I admire brave people who choose to make a difference in their lives, to invest in the community, in education.

Grégory Rateau: Do you think there is a typical “feminine” leadership?

Adriana Record: A Harvard Business Review study already highlighted 30 years ago that the successful management style does not come from a single form… We see a style based mainly on authority and hierarchy or another based on inclusion and transformation. We talk a lot about charismatic leaders, effective leaders. If we take into account the expectations of the new generation, we see a preference for authentic leadership in accordance with the culture of the organization.

And the women in all this?

YEAR: They have a mixed style, just like the men. What seems more important is how women manage to break through the famous glass ceiling and stay in the first decision circle in a variety of companies.

For some years, diversity has been talked about as a success factor for companies – a point of view that is increasingly emphasized by the increased relationship between business and ESG principles. What is interesting is that the ESG approach proposes a radical change in the organization, emphasizing that responsible, inclusive organizations have much more sustainable business models.

Could you describe the ‘Inspiring Women in Business’ event you organized recently?

Gregoire Vigroux: On Tuesday 20 September we organized the first edition of the event ‘Inspiring Women in Business’.

Our goal was to promote female leadership in business as we navigate through an era of digital transformation and inclusion.

On this occasion, we received 250 guests at the French Institute in Bucharest.

We started with interventions from Mrs. Ambassador, Laurence Auer; Mathilde Royer Germain (DTO & Company Transformation, AH member of the Airbus Helicopters Executive Committee) and myself.

The evening was structured in three panels, held in English: Women & Leadership, Women & Entrepreneurship and Women & Workplaces, moderated by Adriana Record (Executive Director, CCIFER), Irina Obushtarova (Co-Founder & CEO, The Recursive) and Volker Moser (Co-Founder, Romania Insider).

Our fourteen panelists then followed each other on stage:

  • Adina Huma I co-founder, R-Create.
  • Alexandru Baloi I Global Partner Solutions Director, Microsoft.
  • Aline Simon I VP, Head of Support Engineering, Airbus Helicopters.
  • Andreea Ivan I Chief Marketing Officer for Central Eastern Europe, Yves Rocher.
  • Corina Tiu I Operations Director, TELUS International.
  • Elisabeta Moraru I Country Manager, Google.
  • Ioana Anutoiu | Co-founder and CEO, Cruze.
  • Lara Tassan Zanin I Head of the European Investment Bank Group Office.
  • Marion Hegarty I Head of GBSU COO Team, Societe Generale GSC.
  • Monica Cadogan | Entrepreneur.
  • Raluca Vidrascu | Product manager, Orange.
  • Sergiu Russu I Tech Leader, Oracle.
  • Simona Gemeneanu I co-founder, Morphosis Capital.
  • Thierry Ollivero I CEO, Air Liquide.

I would like to express my thanks to Ambassador Laurence Auer, as well as to Julien Chiappone-Lucchesi, the director of the Institut français, for their support and for their warm welcome; and to the Airbus team, our sponsor – especially to Georges Durdilly (CEO) and Ana-Ruxandra Radu (Director of Communications).

How can French Tech concretely contribute to a stronger presence of women in business?

GV: We will renew the ‘Inspiring Women in Business’ event every year to continue to raise awareness among companies – whether small or large – of the issue of female leadership.

We are also working on setting up an ‘Inspiring Women in Business’ working group, where the first lines of thought were drawn from the conclusions of the three panels.

We are still in the reflection phase, but this project could take the form of an association movement, with the production of content and the launch of recurring events. Stick around!

In terms of the scale of the #metoo movement on social networks, do you think it will change, for example, sexual harassment of women in the workplace?

YEAR: Social networks have become a new educational channel, and not only for young people. Revealing opinions publicly, creating a space for dialogue around behavior, these are gestures that have a strong impact on society and the norms that are becoming the majority. Having said that, there is also a great responsibility in the use of new media, to filter information, to put it in context. Perception becomes reality and we must always distinguish between publicly sanctioning behavior and attacking the person. And if we never speak enough publicly about discrimination or harassment, we must never forget that only justice has the right to judge people or particular situations.

Can you give us an example of a female entrepreneur whose journey inspires you and could inspire our readers as well?
YEAR: There are hundreds of people who inspire us, and to choose one is to apply a form. Personally, I admire brave people who choose to make a difference in their lives, to invest in the community, in education. I have great appreciation for people who know how to remain human, encourage and support others, give them means and principles, but let them choose their own path. What we admire in others are the values ​​that we ourselves strive for, it is difficult to find a “model”, but there are certainly plenty of examples around us.

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