What happens in the event of a fine with a rental car?

The good atmosphere is there, the idyllic setting… and suddenly it’s the flash, or “pit stop” ordered by an agent. The verdict is in: you are in conflict. It’s silly, but it’s too late, and it happens even to the best. However, you don’t need to worry too much just because you’re driving a rental car. If there are many pitfalls to avoid when renting a car, here there are none, your responsibility is engaged and the procedure will simply take its course. In this article, we give you all the keys to understanding what to do in the event of a fine with a rental car.

How does it work?

By signing your contract, you certainly accept the general rental conditions, but also to submit to the applicable legislation. Actually as a tenant-driver and in case of violation of the traffic lawit is up to you to pay the fine and you are the one who potentially loses points on your licence.

After receiving the ticket, the tenant (whether a traditional business or an owner on a rental platform between individuals) send a copy of the rental contract and your driver’s license to the French administration. He thereby releases himself from all responsibility and avoids fines in the event of non-payment. Therefore, regardless of whether you rented with a credit card or managed to rent your car without a credit carddoes this have no influence on the payment of the fine, as the case changes hands. You will then receive your official notification via email.

What are the risks incurred and the costs?

If you’re already wondering which insurance to choose when renting a car if you just commit a minor infraction, forget it. Of course, no one is supposed to ignore the law, and the only defense is your caution behind the wheel and your respect for the highway rules.

In the case of driving that results in a notification for non-compliance with the traffic law, depending on the nature of the offense you may be liable to a simple fine, accompanied or not by a deduction of points, or even incur an immobilization of the vehicle or even a prison sentence in the most serious cases (drunk driving, etc.).

If it is a “benign” fine, with a rental car, it is a bit of a double punishment, since in addition to the payment to the Treasury, you will be invoiced by the rental company. file processing fee. To date, these costs are, for example, €15 in places between individuals.

So be on your guard. Failure to respect an orange-red light, slow speed, unpaid or temporary parking in a prohibited area… breaking the law happens faster than you think and not only to others 😉

A piece of advice when going through a 100% digital rental platform such as Getaround Connect, make sure you return the vehicle to an available parking space and approved for 48 hours. Otherwise, you must pay parking fees, fines or confiscation until one week after the end of the rental.

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Can I contest an offense with a rental car?

Yes of course. And furthermore, if you rent a car from a private person on a platform and get fined on French territory, it is also in order not to deprive you of this fundamental right that it does not pay the fine.

Specifically, it is possible not to pay in 3 scenarios:

  • When it is one additional driver it is clear from the contract who was driving at the time of the offense (hence the importance of not hiding anything from the landlord when signing). All you have to do is complete the corresponding part of the report and return it to the address provided to be reprinted. It will be so direct sent by post to the holder of the driver’s license designated as responsible.
  • If your rental car has been stolen during this period and that you can prove it by official steps taken beforehand. For example, a complaint filed at the police station or even video surveillance images from the competent authorities.
  • Even rarer, but never impossible, if you have deliberately circumvented the traffic law for the sake of your or other road users’ safety, rescuing a person, due to childbirth, etc. You must then submit a written and reasoned request to cancel your fine, stating a case of force majeure.

What to do in case of a fine abroad?

If, with the landlord’s consent, you have crossed borders with your rental car, it is the same procedure which applies. In connection with a rental in France, if it is one foreign violation and that the smallest dispute is possible, the landlord or owner will simply report you to the administration. If necessary, he will pay the fine and the amount of it will be deducted from your account to repay it, always increased by a fine.

If you’re renting from another country, it’s a little different. WithinEuropean Union, transmission is instantaneous. Partnerships have been established, and you receive the ticket per Postal route. However, a rental agency outsideEuropean Union can charge your bank card to pay the fine locally and collect administrative costs more or less significant depending on the nature of the offense and the severity of the applicable rules. To avoid unpleasant surprises, find out in advance country specifications where you travel.

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