Vision of the Battle Infinity metaverse could push up the price of IBAT crypto

Fight Infinity

Fight Infinity (IBAT) is a Metaverse DeFi project hailed by the community for its immense potential. According to experts, the IBAT cryptocurrency is among the assets with high growth potential that it is absolutely necessary to invest in. The special feature of Battle Infinity lies in its metaverse, which is on the way to become the best crypto in the market.

The success of the Battle Infinity project attracted more investors, sending forecasts down during the pre-sale of its IBAT asset. Already present on several exchanges, IBAT was also listed on PancakeSwap.

Battle Arena, a metaverse like no other

The metaverse world of Battle Infinity, also called “The the fighting arena » or the battle arena, where we find a multitude of P2E fighting games. In this arena, players can interact, play or explore the virtual world. In addition to offering an immersive experience in the metaverse, the Battle Infinity project offers exponential returns to its investors.

The benefits of this project have already exceeded 300% of the price of the presale and only increases daily. For analysts, Battle Infinity will probably become the most important metaverse game in the world. According to experts, IBAT may dethrone Axie Infinity in the next few days and become the top Metaverse cryptocurrency. Market analysis predicts that the asset will continue to rise.

Its particularity about this project certainly lies in the combination of non-fungible tokens (NFT) and metaverse. In fact, this GameFi game, accessible thanks to its native token, allows players to win prizes by playing and progressing in the game. As a P2E (play-to-earn) game, it allows players to buy, sell and trade assets. .

An immersive and interactive metaverse

Battle Infinity is more immersive and engages its users who have no time to be bored on the platform. Players have the ability to interact with each other, play differently gameto build teams with famous players, to buy or sell players, to be simple spectators by exploring and watching matches, etc.

To the extent members of Battle Arena, users receive rewards in IBAT that they can exchange for real money. Thus, the interaction between the players is a characteristic specific to the Battle Arena metaverse, giving it a sensational side.

In addition to being able to communicate with each other, players in the Battle Infinity metaverse can participate in exclusive events such as concerts or parties. In contrast toAxie Infinity, Battle Infinity is very entertaining and has more attractive reward mechanics. This should therefore make the game gain popularity and the IBAT crypto should not fall in the long term.

One of the features to boost this game and attract more users to the platform is IBAT Premier League which should elevate it to the top of the best Metaverse cryptos. Apart from football, the platform plans to integrate other sports such as cricket, hockey and basketball.

Battle Arena players have avatars or virtual characters that they can customize as they wish. A store available on the ecosystem allows users to purchase items based on the marketplace platform NFT and customize their avatar by changing their clothes, hairstyles and adding different accessories.

An increase in the price of IBAT cryptocurrency

IBAT shattered all predictions with its pre-sale, which ended earlier than expected. The price per The IBAT token was added $0.015 for its presale, but it rose to sell at four times its original price. With a capitalization of more than 10,524,642 euros, IBAT is one of the cryptos in which it is absolutely necessary to invest.

Battle Infinity / EUR chart
Chart Battle Infinity / EUR source:

The peculiarities of the platform and especially the Battle Arena rank this token among the best digital assets in 2022. Currently, the price of the token is €0.0033, which shows a significant increase from the lowest level of €0.0029 reached on September 17, 2022. But the token is still far from the all-time high reached on August 30, 2022, which was €0.0057.

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