How do you choose your coworking space?

Following the enthusiasm of the French for coworking, the number of spaces dedicated to this practice increased by 60% in 2021, according to a study carried out by Ubiq, an office search platform. Faced with this growing offer, how do you choose your coworking space in Paris, Lyon or Marseille?

Analyze the services offered

Coworking spaces in Paris invest in ever larger locations and offer an increasingly varied range of services. In addition to being a workplace, you can seek to develop your network there. To facilitate this, many places organize events such as after work or breakfast. You will thus be able to create a sense of belonging at your workplace, and possibly meet people who open up new professional opportunities for you. Many rooms are also specialized in a certain area (IT, marketing, digital business, etc.).

You can also look for a workplace that offers you access to services that are not directly related to the exercise of your professional activity. Some places include, for example, a gym or a nursery. These services are generally offered by fairly large shared workspaces. Now some of them even offer Bed & Coworking deals, aimed at digital nomads or people on business trips.

Choose an inviting place

In order for you to enjoy going to work, it is important to choose a warm place where you will feel good. Your workplace should benefit from comfortable furnishings and equipment that will make it inviting. For example, if you like to chat during your coffee breaks, a warm break room that encourages meetings and exchanges will be important to you. The presence of a restaurant area with tasty, fresh and varied dishes could also be a defining element.

Choose a strategic location

Another important criterion when choosing your coworking space must be its location. For most telecommuters, it is important to find a location close to their home. They don’t want to spend ten more minutes on public transport or in their vehicle, otherwise they will lose the biggest benefit of telecommuting. Well, in this case, why not go to work in the office? Fortunately, if you live in a big city, you are bound to find co-working spaces near you. This has been made possible by the proliferation of these sites in recent years.

On the other hand, if you are an entrepreneur, you may need to receive your clients or other partners. In this case, the accessibility of your workplace becomes an important criterion. For the same reasons, you could also take into account the prestige of the neighborhood where it is located.

Find the formula that suits your needs

Before choosing where you will work, it is important to determine how often you will use it, as well as the level of comfort or discretion you wish to achieve. Depending on your needs, several formulas may be suggested to you. For example, you can choose a place that offers you a coworking offer per hour or day. This is especially interesting for digital nomads, who are people who adopt a nomadic lifestyle and work. If you travel often, a subscription is probably not the best solution for you. On the other hand, if you are more sedentary, most companies in the sector offer monthly or annual subscriptions. This will allow you to take advantage of more favorable rates.

You will then have the option of choosing to book your own workspace in an open space. So you don’t have to search for a free place every morning. This formula still allows you to get the most out of the dynamic environment that is a coworking space. If you have to receive your customers and business partners, or if your job requires greater confidentiality, you even have the option of booking a closed office. This last service will necessarily be less economical.

Compare the prices

Price is of course an important element to consider when choosing your coworking space. You don’t want to rent out your workplace to deprive you of too much of your salary or turnover. To choose your common workspace, it may be interesting to choose two or three places that meet the conditions previously mentioned in this article. You can then request a quote from the relevant service providers. Finally, just compare the prices to find the most advantageous offer. However, you should check that the price offered actually includes all the services you need and that no hidden option will increase it when you take out your subscription. Also check if it gives you access to other network workspaces. Finally, pay attention to the conditions for termination and modification of the contract.

A study carried out by AtypikWork (coworking platform) in 2021 showed that 13% of French people already visit a coworking space. If you are also considering entering one of these spaces, several criteria should be considered when choosing your ideal workplace. You will need to analyze the price and the different services offered to find the formula that best suits your needs. The location of the place and its welcoming character are also important.

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