Drunk, he steals a car, drives off the road in Avallon and sets it on fire to “be quiet”

A 20-year-old Eurélien was immediately arraigned at the Auxerre Criminal Court, on Monday 26 September 2022, for a series of six offenses related to driving a vehicle he had stolen and then set on fire on the morning of Sunday 25 .September 2022 in Avallon.


Alexis Mauduit came to Yonne to party, this weekend of September 24 and 25, 2022. After a clubbing trip where he got very drunk with his friends, he returned home around But at 6 o’clock he decides to leave. He steals the keys to a Renault Clio and drives on the road. But in Avallon, he loses control. “I’m going to set fire to the car to be quiet,” he said to the driver of another vehicle following him, who had noticed his turns. He takes a cloth from the trunk, places it on the front seat and lights the fire.

“I don’t remember everything. But then I recognize…since the videos say it’s me.” The videos, but also the witnesses who recognize him on a photographic wallpaper. “I’m sorry, but now that it’s done, it’s done,” he mouthed. “If everyone liked you, it would be the apocalypse,” says President Grégory Hontcharenko.

At 10:45 a.m. when he was arrested that morning, the defendant, who was driving without a license and without insurance, registered a blood alcohol level of 1.2 g. “I drink too much alcohol, I would have to see a doctor,” he admits . A descent into hell that made him give up a permanent contract at the bakery. “I arrived drunk every morning. I was unable to work.”


“The car exploded and the fire spread for a second,” recalled Clotilde Deney, the representative of the public ministry. According to the judge, the owner of the vehicle had not given his consent for the defendant to take the car, which characterizes the theft. For the rest, “the facts are recognized”. She asked for a fifteen-month sentence, eight of which was suspended on probation, with continued custody for the fixed portion. In addition, a six-month revocation of a previous postponement (December 7, 2021, in Chartres). And the ban on possessing a weapon, for five years.

Me Antoine Audard wanted to pay tribute to the “honesty” of his client, who “does not dispute any fact”. He speculated that the car had actually been loaned to him and that he had not stolen it. He asked for a release with the benefit of the doubt for this prevention chief.


Alexis Mauduit was found guilty of all charges. He was sentenced to fifteen months in prison, nine of which were suspended. The court issued a deposit for the fixed part. He also revoked the six-month suspended prison sentence for the judgment of the Chartres court on December 7, 2021. “So you will be detained tonight for one year at the Auxerre detention center,” summed up Grégory Hontcharenko.

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