Annelise Gakalla Bourdier coaches women to succeed in their business.

“You can be whoever you want, you can do anything and you can have anything” is the mantra that Annelise repeats to her clients.

Get rid of limiting beliefs…

Running a business and making a lot of money shouldn’t be a shame. Limiting beliefs hinder many women in their professional ascent. Impostor syndrome? Many feel it. “I’m not legitimate because other more talented people are already in this market,” some say. “I can’t raise my prices because my services aren’t worth it and my clients don’t have the funds,” others add. However, Annelise Harris explains that all these barriers are fictional. They are born only in the minds of these women. It is already necessary to work on the state of mind and the confidence to then work on its offer and its services with a very specific method. In reality, Annelise believes that competition does not exist. There’s room for everyone, and you can sell your expertise and training with authentic storytelling, just by being yourself and doing what you love. Today, via social networks, you can launch and develop your business by reaching customers who share the same values ​​and who identify with what you offer. It’s not about playing a character to sell, on the contrary.

…to shatter the glass ceiling

Annelise Harris therefore accompanies women with diverse and varied backgrounds and talents. Everyone has the love to share and to transfer to others in common. They are yoga or calligraphy teachers, sports or hair trainers, energy specialists or naturopaths. These clients encounter two different problems. Some are starting their business and need help structuring their offer, knowing how to sell it and reaching potential customers. Others have already successfully launched their business, but they are overwhelmed. They arrive at a glass ceiling that they cannot break. With their individual coaching, if they want to earn more, they will have to work even harder. They end up having no more time for themselves and they would rather work to live than live to work. But Annelise has created a method for each of these two types of entrepreneurs. This former librarian actually experienced online business when she arrived in Canada. She opened an expat blog that gave a wealth of advice to anyone who wants to settle in this country: banking, housing, work, etc. She then launched her own coaching for these French expats who felt a bit lost.

A method that works

With the method introduced at the time, Annelise Harris achieved success and her business took off. She then decides to share it with other women. She has been coaching her clients for six years now, teaching them to flourish and thrive in their activities. Most of them have a passionate job and it is this authenticity and this love for what they do that is their great strength. Annelise has created two training programs for them. “Les Challengeuses” is for those who are just starting out and want to learn how to sell online. This six-month training is, as the name suggests, based on a concrete challenge. The girls therefore have access to online training and Annelise calls them every two weeks to take stock. At the end of the six months, they will therefore have created and tested the offer that they put on the market. Then the “Les Impératrices” program meets the needs of those whose business is working, but who are overbooked by individual coaching and want to earn more by working less. This intense one-year training allows them to assert their leadership in their market and sell their expertise at premium prices. They learn to formalize their collective offer, to test it via pre-sales and then to perfect their sales system. And all you have to do is read the results page on Annelise’s website to see the impact on her clients’ business: it works very, very well!

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