Refurbishing phones also involves short circuits and insertion

In the vast area of ​​the circular economy, the refurbished awakens not only consciences, but also our old outdated or outdated devices. “In France, it is estimated that 100 million phones sleep in drawers, and according to a study, not even 2 million come back,” says Gaëlle Le Vu, communications director of Orange France. Who will be a good student: “We are the first collector with more than a quarter of the recovery. This collection is done through the “economic” handles, with takeovers that allow you to renew your smartphone without paying a minimum wage, and “citizen” by installing collection terminals, especially in cooperation with local authorities.

More recycling purchases

It was with the hat of CSR director that Orange’s “dircom” went to Saint-Loubès on Thursday 22 September, to the industrial center of the Cordon Group, the specialist in maintenance, repair and industrial refurbishment of electronic products. Cadaoz Solidaire was inaugurated there, the “premium refurbished smartphone brand”, born from the long-term collaboration between the leading operator in France and the company created by Serge Cordon in 1989.

According to the Recommerce 2022 barometer, 37% of the French have already bought a used phone. An increase of three points from 2021 and eleven anointed since 2020

Apple, Huawei, Samsung… All phones go through the same battery of checks and tests, with requirements related to data deletion. Two-year warranty, optional insurance, mobile loans… the services offered aim to “win the trust of the French”, more and more of them turn to used phones according to the Recommerce 2022 barometer. The majority (34%) prefer to buy in-store, and 18% say they prefer the Internet.

Integration employment

Cadaoz Solidaire is only present online and also voluntarily limits itself to metropolitan France. A way to limit the ecological footprint, up to the optimization of transport between the arrival of collected phones and refurbished ones. The “first step” announced by Gaëlle Le Vu translates concretely into a target of 15,000 refurbished phones per year in Saint-Loubès. A plot of 5,000 m², where between 200 and 250 people work. Among them since this summer half a dozen people in integration, employed in the adapted company Handiprint.

“It is a fantastic opportunity for us to prove once again that the world of disability should be seen as an agile, innovative and wealth-creating sector”

“Cordon Group and Handiprint combine their expertise and know-how […]. This is a fantastic opportunity for us to once again prove that the disability world should be seen as an agile, innovative and wealth-creating sector,” enthuses Vincent Levieux, chairman of Handiprint. A sentiment shared by Serge Cordon, who was recently named entrepreneur of the year in the West region. “For many years, the Cordon Group has developed its activities with special attention to inclusion,” he explains, “happy” to also “start this new project with Orange, which is a continuation of our partnership. »

CEO of the eponymous group, Serge Cordon (left) welcomed Saint-Loubès the communications director of Orange France and the president of the customized company Handiprint, of which Farida is one of the first employees of the Cadaoz Solidarity activity.


Depending on a market

The first integration employees joined in August. Among them is Farida, stationed along a production line dedicated to the activity of Cadaoz Solidaire in a large room where telephones, televisions, coffee machines pass through… “We check the condition of the telephones, the charges, the oxidation, the speakers, the microphone…”, summed up she, before being invited to cut the ribbon with the managers.Training and recruitment should soon make it possible to reach an “initial target of 15 people” working on the Cadaoz Solidaire activity according to Olivier de Rugy, director of operations and sales at Cordon.

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