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Released in 2020 in the midst of the COVID crisis, the Citroën AMI disrupted the very special microcosm of unlicensed cars, claiming almost 30% of the market. The only real electric, while we wait for the next answer from the tenors, Ami has the luxury of offering an ultra limited version to its bestseller, the Ami Buggy, which we had the chance to try for a few hours by the sea. .

Too late, sorry!

17 minutes and 28 seconds is the time it took Citroën to sell the 50 copies of its very limited edition My Ami Buggy, with sales taking place entirely online. Do you want one? You’ll have to turn to the occasion, with a few copies already on sale … at 3 times the original price!

Listed at just under €10,000, the most expensive AMI to date, the buggy is gone in no time! Admittedly, these 50 models represent a drop in the bucket of the 25,000 orders worldwide (ie 15,000 in France) for AMI since release, but this success illustrates well the sympathy capital that AMI has had since release. .

Small transformations that change everything!

If we are not going to return to the concept of AMI, of which you can also find the test in our columns, Citroën has been able to intelligently modify its Friend by offering a revised and explosive look!

The designers did not take half measures while respecting very strict specifications in terms of cost. They started by removing the glass roof and replacing it with a printed canvas top; then the doors have disappeared to make way for metal barriers (just the right height to put your elbow on!). Also leave the plastic hubcaps, the steel rims were painted gold. The only notable addition to the exterior is a large spoiler… when you need downforce.

Still 2.40m long and 1.39m wide, the Friend is a small size that nevertheless allows two people to move around in quite acceptable comfort.

In the cabin, the accessories are fuchsia yellow, such as the fabric door opening bars or the storage bins on the dashboard. The rest does not change, we still enjoy a very refined interior, which takes on even more importance in a vehicle intended to drive by the sea.

No glove compartment, no adjustable seat for the passenger (the driver’s seat can only be adjusted in depth), just a steering wheel, a small digital counter… and that’s it! Ah yes, we still have a USB port to recharge your mobile as well as a small housing to clip it and use your GPS (just in case!).

At first contact, the rendering is really successful, and placed next to a classic AMI, the Buggy appears to be a completely different model. The green body color is successful and the other painted bumper elements look really good.

A technical platform that does not move

In its guts, nothing changes for our lightweight motorized quadricycle (yes yes); which still has a small 8.2 hp engine connected to a 5.5 kWh battery. The set is limited to a speed of 45 km/h and can actually be driven from the age of 14.

In the end, with the modifications made to the exterior, that’s 8kg gained on the scale for the Ami Buggy, which still weighs just under 500kg, battery included.

Still fun to drive

It was in Le Touquet, a seaside resort par excellence, that we were able to try the Ami Buggy. We sit on board, we adjust the depth of the seat and the two mirrors straight out of the 60s, then we turn the ignition. The gear selector is to the left of the driver’s seat, which is quite confusing; once the handbrake is removed we can go!

Faced with the absence of a door and the outside temperature around 16°, our walk will take place with the jacket, which can fall in the afternoon with the sun and 22°. In the AMI Buggy we move along the ground, in a very acceptable silence up to 20 km/h, then the electric machine and the rolling sounds are completely present, without being bothersome.

Passers-by are alternately surprised or delighted to see this little object of mobility sneaking through the streets of downtown Le Touquet. At every stop in a parking lot or by the sea, many curious people come to inquire, including foreign tourists passing through the city, and opinions are unanimous about the amazing appearance of AMI.

We take the road again to then examine the seafront, but also the residential areas of Le Touquet. Driving the AMI very far back – you’re almost sitting on the rear axle – takes a few minutes to get used to, and you also have to do without a central mirror, but its excellent turning radius and its reduced dimensions work wonders.

Citroën is known for the imperial comfort of its car models, but the specifications of the AMI are different and compromises had to be made. In terms of suspension and handling, we really expected worse, and the bumps in the road are well filtered. It is rather on the seat and its foam… anecdotally that the complaints can reverse, we also advise you to add a small cushion to maintain your sitting position!

Despite the absence of power steering, its reduced weight and narrow 14″ wheels make the ride quite smooth, even for a teenager. Accelerations are sufficient to fit in with city traffic, and we even managed to do better than the official figures, with 0 to 45km/h in 9.6s (instead of 10s!) The AMI brakes well and hard, with an absence of ABS for sure, but given the weight to brake, no worries on the horizon.

The autonomy shown is 75 km in WLTP conditions and we came very close to it during our trip, leaving a consumption of 7 kWh/100 km, with, it is true, quite a few areas at 30 km/h, which no doubt is optimal speed for AMI.

Our opinion on the AMI Buggy

Surprisingly fun and quite comfortable, the Ami Buggy is a small electric transport solution that will find its audience, especially among teenagers looking for their first car. It has the advantage that it is relatively cheap to buy and maintain, while being environmentally friendly.

The Ami Buggy is more reassuring and versatile than a scooter, but it is nevertheless less agile and its autonomy may not be sufficient for some. But it can be recharged at any household outlet in 3 hours, which is a significant advantage.

For occasional use in the city, on sunny days, the Ami Buggy is a very interesting alternative to public transport or even the car, provided you don’t need to carry too many things (63l available in front of the passenger before).

Finally, we are disappointed that it is no longer available, and above all, we secretly hope that it was the first test of a long series of limited editions and modifications that the Citroën designers envision, having a superb ground game ahead!

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