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After a statement by Emmanuel Macron that provoked the “distribution” on French territory of exiles in a regular situation, Lepenists and Zemmourians went on a loop about conspiracy and racist theories. A shallot that relativizes the notabilization effort in the National Rally.

“They are there, they are in the countryside, in the cities”, mocked Marine Le Pen during the debate between the two rounds of the 2017 presidential election against Emmanuel Macron. She then tried to ridicule her opponent by accusing him of playing on the fears of the far right, but the boomerang effect was immediate on social networks and the sequence made the whole of France laugh. Five years later, the head of the National Rally (RN) and the leaders of her party very seriously repeat this link of the “invasions”, this time about a recent statement by the head of state about “division” through the area of ​​foreigners in a regular situation. The Lepenists have thus embarked on a shallot with almost the entire extreme right, including the most radical, over the theme of “the great replacement”. Proof that when it comes to fundamentals, the galaxy of aliens finds itself on the essentials.

“Emmanuel Macron will punish rural areas”

In response to the speech of the President of the Republic, Marine Le Pen presented the clichés of the old United Nations, on Tuesday the French Inter and defamed “the latest decision to forcibly distribute rural migrants to [en] create dormitories for illegal immigrants”. In the wake of Jordan Bardella, candidate for his succession at the head of the RN, said on France Info: “We must not distribute the illegal immigrants, we must make them leave” about people who are in a regular situation. “I think that'[Emmanuel Macron] want to punish rural areas”, he added. “Distributing rural immigration also means distributing the resulting problems: the problems of insecurity, the problems of communitarianism, the problems of changing our way of life.”

Words that resonate with the Le Pen girl, who in 2018 was angry at “a flood [migratoire] irreversible and of an uncontrollable scale, which in the long term will cause to disappear by dilution or substitution, [l]has culture and [le] lifestyle” French. But, as if the message was not clear enough, Jean-Lin Lacapelle, frontist MEP, gave a layer on Twitter this Tuesday. “The distribution of migrants in the cities has worked so well that it is now necessary to extend the process to the entire territory and more specifically to the countrysidehe wrote. This catastrophic project has a name: “demographic transition”.

“Areas of identity to defend”

In short, the usual couplet of “the great compensation.” This factually false, conspiratorial and racist theory which denounces an alleged plan to replace “native” populations with hordes of immigrants. But without saying it, in euphemism obligates demonization. But it is actually on this ground that the RN positions itself, in unison with the rest of the extreme right: from the Islamophobes of Riposte laïque to Yvan Benedetti’s ultranationalists (who talk about “French Genocide”), to racists like Daniel Conversano and other anti-Semites from Rivarol.

In tune with Reconquest as well. Guillaume Peltier, a former member of Les Républicains who rallied to Zemmour during the presidential campaign, withdrew his hand on Monday with a platform in Current values. “Repopulate our landscape by a better distribution of aliens. What a terrible confession. In the end, therefore, the major replacement will never have been so successful and assumed that in the mouth of Emmanuel Macron”, he writes. A conscious will from the head of state? “These otherworldly politicians […] impose on us their new world, their new words, their new people”, assures Guillaume Peltier and accuses the president of “confiscated[er]» to the French these “areas of last refuge” what the campaigns would be. An argument reminiscent of these “ZIDs”, for “identity zones to defend” which Génération identitaire called for in its search for the rural areas “preserved”.

Same story on the side of Gilbert Collard and, of course, the boss. Eric Zemmour certainly waited until Wednesday, but to outbid again: “In the past, the French fled their suburbs. Emmanuel Macron wants them to flee the country!” he launched on Cnews. Reconquest obviously intends not to be overtaken on her starboard side by the RN. Its leaders ran the footage to recall that last Saturday their troops demonstrated in a small Breton town against this famous “great compensation”. Marine Le Pen’s party thus suddenly seized a project to welcome refugees in Callac (Côtes-d’Armor), presented in April, avoiding to specify that the RN is mobilizing against especially those nostalgic for Pétain from the French party and of the fundamentalist catos of Civitas. However, this project aims to revitalize the city, where 75 jobs are vacant, the mayor told Telegram.

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