Franche-Comté A ghost seen around Château de Joux? His car is blocked by a construction site, he loses his job… The most unusual miscellaneous events of the week

Pontarlier: The Ghost of Berthe de Joux or the Green Fairy?

So appearance or spot on the screen… No panel or anything else seems to be able to reflect the sunlight there. Photo DR

The heritage days were an opportunity for many to rediscover the cultural riches of our cities. Unfortunately, the number of places was limited and some were denied access to the entrance.

They just had to take pictures around the castle, and it was while they were sorting through these that a reader of the newspaper was seized with vertigo. It is clear to her that she has caught the manifestation of a spirit here. “It could be Berthe de Joux, the one who suffered so much here. “.

> Everyone wants the opportunity to form their opinion.

He died and was buried without his family being notified.

The deceased was buried on May 31 at the Champs-Bruley cemetery in Besançon. When the family found out, they took care of his exhumation and cremation in June. ER archive photo /Arnaud CASTAGNE

Learning that a loved one has died when he discovers the funeral home’s bill is the terrible nightmare a man experiences in Belfort. One can only imagine the suffering of this man who heard of his brother’s death a month after his death and that he had been buried without any family member knowing about it.

The shocked family arranged in the third week of June for the exhumation and cremation of the body, then placed the funeral urn in the parents’ vault in another cemetery in Besançon. “The funeral company’s bill was €3,400, all inclusive. It is out of the question that we will pay the amount demanded by the Besançon town hall. »

> The town hall reacts anyway to having initiated research which has not come to anything

Selling pellets: a distributor who is a victim of a scam on a fake website

Clément and Christian Juif, victims of identity theft from their business in Mamirolle. Photo ER /Arnaud CASTAGNE

Identity theft must of course be condemned, but here the fraudsters take the burden even further. They created a commercial site from scratch using Christian Juif’s visual identity and attracted Internet users by offering more than attractive prices.

And to reinforce the credibility of their scam, the usurpers will record the seller’s exact coordinates on the site: his name, his address, his professional number and a phone number. Inevitably, the customers are unhappy and harass the poor wood professionals demanding a refund.

Christian filed a complaint, but the case is still far from over…

An enthusiast says it: Queen Elizabeth II was a direct descendant of the Dukes of Montbéliard

The castle of Montbéliard would therefore be the residence of the ancestors of the Queen of England. Photo IS / Lionel VADAM

All roads lead to Montbéliard! At least the royal family’s. This is according to a history buff who traced Queen Elizabeth II’s family tree back to the 18th century.

Indeed, in 1769 Frédéric Eugène was appointed governor for life of the county of Montbéliard. This name certainly doesn’t speak to you, but it would be the great-great-great-great-grandfather of Queen Elizabeth II.

Unfortunately, Frédéric Eugène did not want to answer our questions, but he has certainly answered this fascinating study.

Is he really a distant ancestor of the most famous family ever?

His car has been blocked for nine months by a construction site, he loses his job and has to move

Behind the rubble is a car that has been stuck for nine months. “I bought it in 2018. Since January, I’ve been paying car insurance for nothing,” laments its owner. Photo IS /Maxime CHEVRIER

We know the famous saying “you don’t leave your car unattended if you know a nearby house is going to collapse”. Without knowing it, Koffi Aduadje paid the price. Before December 30, 2021, he lived a peaceful life in Gray, but on that day, the collapse of part of a house will block an entire street. The owner of a vehicle parked higher is therefore trapped by the rubble.

Unable to get to work, the man lost his job and was forced to move. His life was turned completely upside down. The narrow street should be cleared soon.

The promise for Koffi Aduadje to be able to take his vehicle back, stuck on both sides, and somehow try to find his life before.

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