Richard Soparnot succeeds Françoise Roudier as CEO of ESC Clermont Business School

“I leave the school in good hands with a recognized and legitimate one. I wanted to guarantee the continuation of the educational model that I believe in, and it is with full confidence that I give him the baton to implement the strategic plan “Reveal 2022-2027” that we have drawn up together. Françoise Roudier, “the pure product of ESC Clermont Business School”, where she was a student and then marketing teacher before taking over as director in 2013, did not hide her satisfaction when it came time to formalize the appointment of his successor .

A natural and logical sequence

It is therefore as natural heir that Richard Soparnot took up his position as CEO at the beginning of the month. Professor and researcher in business strategy, Richard Soparnot held key responsibilities in several Grandes Ecoles before joining ESC Clermont Business School in September 2017.

ESC Clermont Business School is enriched with two licenses

First academic director, he became deputy general director in October 2020. Prepared for a long time, his appointment was validated at the beginning of July by the school’s management.

Preserve the school’s dynamism and identity

A “change in continuity”, as the new director general wants to continue on the dynamics set in place to secure the future while preserving ESC’s identity, “a school with a unique human dimension in the landscape of the big management schools, a local school with strong international ambitions and new national challenges, a school that wants to contribute actively to the transformation of the world and of organizations… strong in its assets, its values ​​and of course its teams. »

Françoise Roudier for support

By his side, Richard Soparnot will always be able to count on the support of Françoise Roudier, who will continue to carry out specific missions of general management and governance. In particular, she will be responsible for creating new programs and courses, managing accreditations and overseeing the school’s expansion work. Called “Campus Trudaine XL”, the project will enter its operational phase in mid-October, with the first shovels for the delivery of the new facilities in the spring of 2024.

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