Mario + The Rabbids Sparks of Hope: The Nintendo Switch exclusive comes out of its cave!

Planned for October 20, 2022 exclusively on Nintendo Switch, Mario + The Rabbids Sparks of Hope sends the player into space on a 100% solo adventure. Mario and his entire crew go in search of the Cursa, a spectral enemy that craves the energy of the galaxy and more specifically that emitted by the Sparks, adorable creatures that are the result of a fusion between Lumas and Rabbids. Thereby, the heroes of the mushroom kingdom and their designated rabbits will travel around the galaxy with the goal of making anyone who gets in the way… not ripped eat the fire flowers by the root.


A tactic as soft as a rabbit…

We have often repeated that the license Mario + The Rabbids is designed for the youngest, or at least those less used to Tactical. With its protagonists from both the cute worlds of Mario and crazy Ubisoft, the software is necessarily more enjoyable than a grayish XCOM or a reddish Gears Tactics. For this new part, the French publisher wanted rreducing the entry barrier one last time for those who don’t know the genre’s codes. When a match is triggered, the three characters that make up the player’s team are teleported to an arena. Within it, no grid is flat on the ground unlike most Disgaea-like. The user can freely move the members of his team as he sees fit within an area that varies according to the statistics of the protagonists, statistics that can be improved thanks to the gain of levels.



This system offers a fluidity as well as a dynamic designed for newcomers who might have felt too divided in a classic tactical due to a ubiquitous grid. However, there is one rule to remember: only two action points are available per game turn, and when a hero shoots, it is no longer possible to move it. Better to think about placing your hero behind a cover zone before going to attack! With heroes able to jump, use teleport tubes, automatically flatten themselves against the background, dash and step over various elements, Ubisoft has reviewed and adjusted the foundations of its game to better stick to the very essence of the characters from the Mario license.

…which does not make carrot enthusiasts of the genre

The big question you might be asking yourself is whether fans of the genre will also find their happiness. Rayman’s parents are attempting a major artistic hole, which, according to our few hours spent with Sparks of Hope, is proving to pay off. Everything is well thought out, so that the beginner can quickly throw himself into tactical games in joy and a good mood thanks to a progressive level of difficulty, several tutorials and an easy-to-understand visual grammar since it comes from Nintendo licenses (the mushroom heals, the POW generates area damage, Bob-ombs explode, etc.). Although easy to understand, the movement system has some subtleties: while hero powers, weapons, sparks, and inventory items use an action point, a jump does not in a hold or dash: they have their own counter. In addition, each match can be started in a specific difficulty level. If you’re a fan of Tactical, it’s better to try the “Demanding” mode directly to find a harder challenge with stronger enemies, less chance to heal and a disabled skilltree autofill.


Under its “Adibou du Tactical” aspect, Sparks of Hope reveals a great depth of gameplay after the first hour. We find skill trees that offer unique abilities, sparks that can be assigned passive and active powers (must be chosen carefully depending on the opponents on the map), special techniques or even opponents with weak points to analyze with Beep -o. The famous Sparks gain levels in exchange for a few Starbits. These little creatures give their owner big game-changing effects such as splashes or burns (which have the effect of displacing opponents hit by the attack). Needless to say, a Fire Sparks makes its owner immune to the super burn effect. Yes, from what we have seen, lthere are plenty of customization options and mechanics in place so the hardcore fan finds lasting happiness.

Mario + The Raving Rabbids Sparks of Hope doesn’t bet everything on its confrontations sinceUbisoft’s software also highlights a richer exploration aspect than what we encountered in Kingdom Battle and in the Donkey Kong DLC.. In a little over a month now, we will finally be able to say whether all the choices the French publisher has made are the right ones.

Ubiforward was an opportunity to provide news about Mario + Rabbids 2 on Nintendo Switch. Over the course of a long video, we can discover the novelties of the battle system as the trio face off against a boss while traveling by train. Rayman also arrives in DLC.

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