Pre-Bocage. Point Info 14, a space to bring citizens and administrations closer together

The Point info 14 France Services team from Monts d’Aunay (Calvados), with from left to right: Cathy Pingault, Head of Population Services, Sandra Lemarchand, PBI Vice President in charge of the residential environment, Charlène Simon, Point Info 14 Receptionist, Vanessa Messlier , referent Point Info 14. ©La Voix le Bocage

They are three, spread over the territory of Pre-Bocage intercom (PBI). In Monts d’Aunay, in Villers-Bocage (plus a branch in Val d’Arry) and in Caumont-sur-Aure (Calvados).

But if their frequency increases constantly since their installation following an initiative from Department of Calvadosthe various services insured within Info Points 14 is not yet known to everyone. However, they are essential to facilitate online administrative procedures and bring public services closer citizens living in rural areas.

“The idea is really to respond to the mobility problems that rural areas can face. From now on, its inhabitants can access many administrations, free of charge and in a single place. At the same time, we can benefit from the advice, information and support. “

Cathy Pingault, director of population services

In direct contact with the authorities

For there is all the interest of the place; more than providing all the necessary equipment for the correct implementation of administrative procedures on the Internet – starting with a self-service computer with scanner and printer – it allows you to constantly be guide under these, while at the same time being able to ensure contact a specific administration if necessary.

info point 14 aunay
A computer with scanner and printer is freely available on site. ©The Voice the Bocage

“Thanks to video conferencecan we directly get in touch with a correspondent from one of our 22 partners to answer a more specific question”, describes Vanessa Messlier, Point Info 14 referent in Monts d’Aunay.

Among the most “popular” we find in particular requests related to CAF, CPAM, ANTS, Pôle emploi or even pensions.

Brand France Services

The three info points 14 in the PBI area are labeled “France Services”. This national brand guarantees a level of demand and quality to the citizens who visit Point Info 14, respecting a charter and strict criteria, centered on the proximity and comfort of the places, and also guarantees that the services offered cover the 8 main partners: La Poste, Pôle emploi, CNAF, CNAM, CNAV, MSA, Ministry of the Interior and Justice.

Complete diagnosis

But before then, it is with her and her referring colleagues that users have to deal with.

“Making an appointment is not mandatory in order to be received, but it is preferable because it gives you the opportunity to know in advance which documents need to be brought. So, once the user is present, we don’t stop at his first request; since he has made an effort to enter the administrative world, we take advantage of this take over the entire file and direct him to the rights to which he has access. »

Videos: currently on Actu

A formula that works: in 2021, 5,500 procedures was carried out through PBI’s three Info Points 14 on the themes of health, family, pension, employment, law and housing, i.a. 2,000 at the aerial to Monts d’Aunay.

“We also notice that some come to see us out of habit, to maintain the social bond“, notes Charlène Simon, who is responsible for the reception.

Support for digital

In addition to making and organizing appointments, the latter can also be responsible for accompanying users in numerical difficulty.

“This is also one of the additional goals of these meetings: to identify the public who experience difficulties with computers in order to accompany them towards digital autonomy. »

For this, the steps with the references to the Infopoints 14 take place on a double screen on the computer, so that each step is precisely shown and deciphered, and that the users can reproduce them on their own in the long term.

In the same logic, hotlines with a France Services digital advisor regularly offered on site for ever-increasing support complete.

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