Jabari Smith Jr., the rocket that could send Houston into space

He is the latest nugget to arrive in Texas. A treasure trove of talent who will have to prove his third spot in the 2022 draft isn’t usurped. Who will also prove that its rightful place was at the very top of the cuvée, even higher? No doubt it is something important to him. To do this, you must succeed in making yourself immediately useful to the Rockets, both individually and collectively.

Those who watched the Draft live remember that. A few minutes before Adam Silver’s first appearance on stage, a slight hint of Adrian Wojnarowksi disturbs the expected course of the evening a little. Projected as the No. 1 pick in the draft by number of predictions for several weeks, Jabari Smith Jr. looks. now his place challenged by Paolo Banchero, then potential number 3. The NBA boss’ brilliant skull will almost confirm Wojen’s good tip. stiff arm and sent Paul Banchereau to Orlando. We switch places, it doesn’t matter what… very number of the draft, do we take? Well no actually. Named after Chet Holmgren, the smile on Jabari’s face barely hides the disappointment, maybe even the annoyance. Emotions that must be amplified to achieve a season that will prove the leaders of the Magic wrong.

Reduce Jabari Smith to a simple popular shōnen-like task? It’s not about that either. We’re talking about a 19-year-old kid full of talent who dominated college rackets with 16.9 points, 7.4 rebounds, 2 assists, 1.1 blocks and 1 steal averages over 34 games with Auburn. As complete as a good slice of bread during the lunch break, the youngster also showed great things during the Summer League in Las Vegas, at the start of the summer. 15 points, 8.8 rebounds, 1.5 assists, 1.8 steals on average, all this with a nice defensive contribution. In short, all signals are green. So yes but no, only one piece of data has turned red if we go into detail. That 3 point percentage would almost make Ben Simmons cry. Well, not sure, but with just 26% success from the parking lot – compared to 43 in college – this will undoubtedly be one of the key points of correction for Jabari between now and the start of classes in late October.

To be successful for the team, the condition to reach the stars

Individual talent is very good. An individual talent working together with the rest of the group is a hundred times better. That’s good, there’s a lot of potential on the Houston side. Jalen Green of course, but also Alperen Sengun. Two players who already have a year in the NBA behind them, and therefore can share experience with their new playing partner. Extra streak, too, and it will certainly count when deciding who will take the shots in key moments. Creating chemistry with two future stars is pretty simple to write… but probably more complicated in practice. Not eating the balls, given that Jalen will use his ticket shots, that Alperen will have room to play his duels in the paint. We are not asking JS here to make himself very small and blend into the collective without touching too much like a 3rd class intern, no. Rather, the idea is to emphasize the idea that, however great his talent may be, he must be adapted to a team where he will not necessarily be the boss, at least not immediately.

An attacking triplet with two profiles already established in two different sectors of the game and a new kid who will fit right in between the two in terms of skills? Wow, that can really hurt. As mentioned above, the 3-point shot needs to be worked on because it needs to be a weapon that Jabari is known for. A few explosive exercises, to get power on the first support, still a little soft, and create more differences in percussion. For the rest, trust experience, experience trust. If Jabari does not crunch the physical flaws, everything should turn out for the best and we will quickly get to know the child through the highlights at the time of Chocapic and Actimel.

Jabari Smith Jr., a boss in the making? It needs to remain measured for now because the key to its first season will be as much collective as individual. Sharing while enjoying yourself… that’s the secret to success in the NBA, and also the secret to a good raclette with friends.

Text sources: ESPN, Tankathon, NBA, NBC Sports Bay Area

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