even Ben Ali dared not publish such laws!

Attayar Party Deputy Secretary General Mohamed Hamdi believed that the existing system was trying to suppress opponents by any means possible. According to him, the power in place is trying to silence them by exploiting Tunisian justice. ” The exploitation of justice is easily observable… We try to adapt the legislative system to our wishes or to misuse it… It is about a clear choice… The power in place does not recognize the principle of separation of powers “, he added.

Invited on September 22, 2022 by Myriam Belkadhi on Shems FM radio, Mohamed Hamdi returned to the summons of Party Secretary General Ghazi Chaouachi of the Ben Arous Court. He is under investigation into an old statement confirming the resignation of Prime Minister Najla Bouden. Hamdi assessed that Decree No. 54 regarding combating information and communication system offenses will not be applied. This is not retroactive. He explained that Ghazi Chaouachi could be prosecuted for imputing illegal acts to a public official or assimilated in accordance with Article 128 of the Criminal Code.

However, these are not illegal facts! Resigning is not illegal… Talking about a resignation should not be taboo… We are trying to subvert justice… There is stubbornness towards the decision of the administrative court which gave rise to the dismissed judges.. The last work in the current system, Decree No. 54 is… Even Ben Ali would not have dared to do such a thing! Ben Ali’s authoritarian regime had passed an economic crime law. It contained an article that considered that anyone abroad describing the existing system as authoritarian was affecting the image of Tunisia and its economy. This law was less oppressive than Decree No. 54… This kind of text must be more precise… We must define the terms “false information” or “publish false information”… We must not leave the field open to interpretation of power in place “, he declared.

Hamdi recalled that the promulgation of this law took place within a special framework. He mentioned the holding of an early legislative election in December 2022 and the position of a large part of the actors on the political scene, especially the boycott announced by several parties (Al Jomhouri, Attayar, PDL, Ennahdha, etc.). He emphasized the failure of the electoral law and the countless criticisms it is subject to. Asked about the relationship between the President of the Republic, Kaïs Saïed and the General Secretary of Attayar Ghazi Chaouachi, Mohamed Hamdi described it as political. He mentioned a rapprochement between the head of state and his party. Hamdi explained that relations began to deteriorate after the speech given by Saïed, claiming that he was the commander of all the armed forces. Maneuvers to block the establishment of the Constitutional Court and the reshuffle of ministers have seriously damaged this relationship. He recalled that Attayar had expressed his refusal to announce the extraordinary measures from July 25, 2021 at dawn on September 26. The party had assessed that the president’s interpretation of the constitution was wrong.

Our attitude is a result of our own convictions. Attayar is known to be a democrat in reality… We cannot, because of a crisis in the institutions of the state, allow a part of these to carry out a coup d’état… The President of the Republic took advantage of the situation of deadlock and the anger of the people to carry out a coup against the government and the parliament… A part of the executive branch carried out a coup against the rest of the republic’s institutions. The state… It is not about a personal conflict… I was the only one who had a personal relationship with the republic’s president… We saw each other in the cafe… We talked and exchanged several issues including the political system… The conflict became personal when the president of the republic publicly launched charges against Ghazi Chaouachi… He charged him… Ghazi challenged him to waive his immunity and appear in court about it… The prosecutor’s office has opened an investigation on this matter and the charges were dropped… Mr. Ghazi has the right to lodge a complaint against the Presidency of the Republic “, he declared.

Referring to the next election, Mohamed Hamdi estimated that the majority of political parties will not participate. He called to question the identity of the parties participating in this event. According to him, this would be easier to do. He recalled Kais Saïed’s opinion on parties and the principle of representativeness, but confirmed that Saïed should only keep his wishes to himself. He indicated that only one known party would participate in the election: the Echaâb Movement. The rest is just an attempt by several individuals seeking to take advantage of the current political situation and ride the wave. According to him, democracy is not the best of systems, but the least harmful, and that there were no other alternatives. Hamdi added that direct democracy and grassroots governance would lead Tunisia towards real disaster. The legislative elections in December will facilitate the implementation of this system, as they are part of Kais Saïed’s roadmap. Hamdi recalled that the participants in the electronic consultation had not asked for a change to the constitution and that the Minister of Communication Technology and Digital Economy had made a false calculation to force the matter forward.

Hamdi claimed that Saïed created a constitution that gave him absolute powers and that he was more powerful than an emperor or a king. In return, he introduced an electoral law that limited participation in elections and excluded a large part of the citizens. He emphasized the contradiction between the affirmations of equality between citizens in the constitution and the exclusion of dual citizens and the abandonment of the principle of parity in the electoral law. Hamdi spoke of the low turnout in the July 25, 2022 referendum and that it lacked any legitimacy. He believed that the results showed that Saïed could not convince 3/4 of Tunisians while in full power. He argued that withdrawing public funds from election campaigns will only allow those with money to become MPs. The newly elected will have no influence and will only play the role of decorative element to legitimize the power in place. He believed that the next parliament will be worse than the one under Ben Ali.


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