Emmaüs opens a second wellness center in Paris

The light wooden interior, both sober and bright. The impeccably arranged shelves, whose boards guide you from body care to shampoo, from make-up to shaving products, creams for weakened skin or baby skin. The small hair salon area… The place is reminiscent of this small shop on the Quai de Valmy (Xe) that opened just a year ago under the brand new “Emmaus Beauté et Bien-être”. And with good reason.

The success of this first one is so great that the effort is so important that the association Emmaüs Solidarité and its partners for twelve years, the L’Oréal Foundation and the world’s number 1 group of cosmetics, are opening a second space a few steps from the door of Saint- Ouen.

Same concept, same philosophy. In this seemingly classic store, the difference is both in the reception and the invoice. 100% individualized for the first, zero euros for the second. The venue, which is open to the neighborhood, is nevertheless exclusively dedicated to people supported and hosted by Emmaüs Solidarité.

Self-esteem, an essential part of integration

Crossing the threshold of this 130 m2 room on one level, everyone puts aside the rough side of life to let themselves be “cocooned”, or simply pamper themselves by choosing, once a month, three quality treatments. “It’s important to have a place where you can tell people that they have the right to have a choice,” emphasizes Sarah Marchal, coordinator of the two stores. People are told to fit in, but if they don’t feel good about themselves, they can’t. Self-esteem complements social work. »

This is the pillar of the “concept” that mobilizes Emmaus Solidarity and its partners. “They and we are convinced that self-esteem is not secondary, but essential,” insists Lotfi Ouanezar, Deputy Director General of Emmaus Solidarity. “Those who come here do so for several reasons: it is beautiful, reassuring, non-stigmatizing, they can be advised, choose quality products according to their needs… In addition, we are looking to recruit a barber because the first store revealed that 38 % of recipients are men. It was a bit of a surprise, we have to keep up with the demand.”

“For us, it is important to carry out an action that resonates with our raison d’être,” says Élodie Bernadi, director of sustainable development at L’Oréal France. All we want to do is nurture this raison d’être. »

A third store in 2023

This second store, which was launched this Thursday, will open in the short term for beneficiaries of other self-help societies. “In this day and age, when purchasing power is falling dramatically, it is important. And we also want to open it up to precarious students,” announces Lotfi Ouanezar.

Rue Bernard Dimey (18th), Thursday morning. Juana, a 28-year-old Venezuelan mother, relishes her chance to freely choose “quality products. I love makeup, she almost apologizes with a smile. I took a facial, some powder and lotion for my husband…”

The little extra about the new room? The welcome of the little ones, the time for a hairdresser’s appointment or a socio-aesthetic workshop for the mothers. “This is the second innovation, emphasizes Sarah Marchal. Here we could dedicate a room to collective socio-aesthetic workshops, every Friday morning by appointment. »

The hair salon is open on Monday and Wednesday afternoons, also by appointment, and the shop is open every weekday. His team is preparing to receive an even bigger audience than in the Xe’s pioneer.

“In one year, we had 1,500 visits, or around 600 regulars,” says the deputy director. This represents 5,000 distributed products… Here it will be much more. Emmaüs Solidarité is already working on a third location from 2023 and above all “we want to expand, in Île-de-France and in France”, hopes Lotfi Ouanezar.

17, rue Bernard-Dimey (18th century). From Monday to Friday, information and appointments at

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