AWS Marketplace promises business success

From Capgemini or Orange Business Services, digital heavyweights, to Dataiku and DataDome via Toucan Toco and Algolia, to name just a few French nuggets, all these companies, as well as many others, small and large, are in the AWS Partner Network and for some of them on the AWS Marketplace. Whether they are software publishers, specialized in a particular field such as cybersecurity or data science, experts in consulting, training or manufacturing equipment, they are all partners with AWS. For example, about 2,000 software publishers offer more than 12,000 deals on the online marketplace. AWS’ goal is simple but ambitious: to offer its customers the widest possible range of products and services and facilitate the adoption of new tools that will serve to transform the activity of companies to make it more agile, more innovative, more competitive and more virtuous for the environment.

Cost reduction

For customers, this means, according to a May 2022 estimate from Forrester based on interviews with decision makers at companies using AWS Marketplace, “ an investment return of up to 550% », emphasizes Valérie Coscas, director of partner activity for AWS in France. Advantages due to several elements, e.g. increased flexibility in invoicing, which today can be done in 6 different ways, from already negotiated licenses to non-binding use after consumption, even to the nearest second! With AWS Marketplace, these licensing costs are reduced by 10%, according to Forrester research. Another benefit, this marketplace compresses by 66% the time spent searching and then comparing and choosing tool providers – themselves carefully selected and tested by AWS. Once the software has been selected, it’s faster to welcome a new vendor into a company’s procurement process and tools and set up its software. Efforts in this area are reduced by 75% for customers “, she adds.” Although the publisher of the selected software is in control of its offer, the administrative aspects are simplified, both when creating a contract, standardized on the platform, and in terms of invoicing, consolidated by our services », she says. So many advantages that not only promote the reduction of costs and risks, but also the possibility of investing time and budget in other activities – including innovation. ” Our goal is to help our customers in their systemic transformation », concludes Valérie Coscas.

Climate advantage

The tools and services available on the marketplace aim to add to these already significant benefits for the success, competitiveness and sustainability of client companies, to reduce their carbon footprint and preserve the environment. As an example, Valérie Coscas cites Metron, a French start-up partner for Marketplace, which, thanks to its energy management and optimization solution, contributes to improving the energy performance of large corporations. ” Our ambition in this area is not only to optimize the use of energy, in this period of necessary energy sobriety, but also to reduce the impact from e.g. infrastructures or fleets of large construction/mining machines. Work based on data and artificial intelligence, over time “, explains the young shot. In this regard, since December last year, AWS Marketplace includes a selection of tools related to the energy transition, to facilitate their access to customers.

happy partners

And to make life easier for customers, AWS makes sure its partners grow and thrive. In fact, it is also an advantage for them to be present on the AWS Marketplace. Forrester estimates an 81% ROI for software publishers who get started! In addition to increased visibility that allows them to access customers even in countries where they have no sales force and a channel of choice in terms of distribution, AWS Marketplace allows start-ups as well as large companies ” accelerate their sales cycle and find new customers, sometimes on the other side of the world ”, notes the partner manager of AWS France. And Darren Yetzer, Vice President, Cloud Partnerships at Algolia confirms: Since joining AWS Marketplace, we’ve seen incredible results. For us as a small business, it has allowed us to sell into new markets and close deals in record time – about 25% faster. But the most interesting thing is that the size of our contracts has increased dramatically. »

The loop is therefore closed. Happy and dynamic partners who can offer tools for customer success service, that’s the mission of AWS Marketplace.