Art Automobile 2022 in Gambais, the praise of beauty!

It was the weekend of Heritage Days that Art Automobile 2022 changed location to its 3rde editing. This time it was the Château de Neuville in Gambais (78) which did us the honor of welcoming us. His garden was the perfect setting to display the amazing cars that came to be admired. As on previous occasions, it was an ode to the history of beautiful bodywork, with an audience of cars, each more fabulous than the next through brands such as Bugatti, Avions Voisins or Hispano Suiza … and many more!

Art Automobile 2022, class in Neuville!

We remember that this meeting, Art Automobile, was created by friend Jean-Marc Thévenet to make known and magnify the beauty of bodywork, not necessarily French, as everyone has their place here. Since his friend Jean-Marc has written many books on the subject, he knows what he is talking about and knows how to choose the cars presented. So, just like last year, we were not disappointed!

Since the issue of 2021, the chosen site is slightly shifted from Château de Groussay in Montfort to land in the garden of Château de Neuville in Gambais. We know the latter well, we were there at the start of Tour Auto in 2017 or for Motors & Soul of 2017 and 2018. This year, it is his garden that served as the stage to present all the small wonders that the facade highlights 17e which has a view of green surroundings.

Art Automobile 2022, Neighbors Day!

No, I didn’t mistake the party! It was indeed Heritage Days and what a legacy it was Cars Neighbor ! This Sunday, not one, not two, but 5 cars were presented to us. All are in the same collection. A 6e was present, but not from the same owner. These models were as much sports cars as luxury sedans.

So we were lucky to have five different models. In the order of the pictures we had the 1925 C15, yellow, and its 3L engine. Then came the 1931 C24, an earlier wreck in the collection Gag. Right next to it was the sporty C4S, from 1922. Its neighbor happened to be a C4S, still from 1922, but with four seats. Finally, there was a 1930 C23 with a so-called “tank” body, but still an excellent limousine. I add the sublime C14, from 1932, and its incredible curve bodywork.

For the friend Gabriel Voisin is an aircraft manufacturer at the beginning of the 20th century. This one put all its knowledge into the construction of luxury cars that, as we will see, will have many points in common with aviation, starting with the use of aluminum.

These cars were built almost individually and have become very rare. Looking at them in more detail, we recognize parts borrowed from aviation, such as glass systems or seats. The interior is in the most beautiful Art Deco style, which we owe to couturier Paul Poiré. A real treat for the eyes.

Art Automobile 2022, the gardens of pleasure in Gambais!

If we only had Voisins, it would already have been a good day. But no! For behind on the great esplanade, or in front, I would never know, in short, on this esplanade there was a wide variety of beauties.

But this meeting is not exclusive, everyone could come with their old. As a result, we found some Facel Vega, a nice bunch of Italians with a rare Alfa Giulia S1600 “known” to an ex-Polizia. With to finish with the transalpine, a Lamborghini Espada and a 1961 Ferrari 250 GTE, pretty good, right?

On the English side, Art Automobile 2022, there was a beautiful Triumph Renown and two reproductions of course Jaguar D-Type. But friends from Rolls and Bentley were also present, including a very classy S3 Continental Drophead. These were next to one Alvis TD21. We found a rarer Derby roadster that I did not identify.

2022 Automobile Art Elegance Trophy, watch your eyes!

Honestly, I would not have wanted to be one of the jurors who had to choose the most beautiful car. Because last Sunday it was heavy and beautiful on Gambai’s lawn! The French were already doing well. There were two Bugattis with a sports car Type 37 from 1928, with a smarter Type 44, covered by Derouault & Jongen, also in 28.

As for the De Dion Bouton, it literally came out of a barn and dated from 1921. Still before the war, the Hispano-Suiza, the coupe driver, dated from 1926 and was the work of Hibbard & Darrin de Patin.

The post-war era still holds beautiful things, even if the shapes are rounder, like this Salmson 2300 S, signed by Chapron in 1955. Recognizable in thousands with this shape desired by the customer who would not leave his top hat!

The Delage D6-70, from 57, is simply classy! Around Peugeot 203, it can totally play with the big ones, with its biton paint and its shark grille, by G. Héricourt. She was really classy. As you can see, only beautiful and rare.

Art Automobile 2022, Americans Covet Elegance Trophy!

If the French women had already given headaches to the jurors, with the Americans, it wouldn’t be easy either! The pre-war era was no frills, with V8 or even V12 engines and an avalanche of chrome.

Like the 1929 Packard 640 Custom and its brown and beige dress, or its Cadillac V12 sister, the 1931 Series 370 in cream and red accents. The 1931 Auburn M851 had a very classic beige outfit. As for the Chrysler Imperial CG, green jacket, it was simply sublime in beauty, it also dates from 31.

Ford A was present in several copies at Art Automobile 2022. The summer was not yet over, two convertibles were out with a 1961 Buick Electra 226, super classy in black with red interior, but which had a lot to do with the black Cadillac S62 from 1952, which with its grill was top notch! You could also admire a rare 1964 Studebaker Gran Turismo Hawk, a magnificent coupé.

It was the Chrysler Imperial that finally won the Elegance Trophy, well deserved! The car was way ahead of its time, already equipped with directional headlights almost 25 years before the DS, subject to findings here.

Automobile Art 2022 in Gambais, it will make you dizzy!

Especially seeing so many beautiful bodies gathered in one place! Once again, Jean-Marc Thévenet and his team had created a magnificent weekend for us. As for me, my visit is from Sunday. We have once again been able to admire magnificent masterpieces.

And especially to see that the know-how of the French coachbuilders was still appreciated after so many years. I could have talked about so many other cars, but as always you have to make a choice.

Many thanks to Jean-Marc and his team for their welcome and their work! See you next year for other beauties! You get info here.

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