1000 km with Jaguar E-Pace P200 Flexfuel, can you drive a luxury SUV cheaply?

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What better tribute to a motoring journalist than to sample an English car the day after the death of Queen Elizabeth II? This is the question we asked ourselves on Friday, September 9, 2022, when we went to Jaguar-Land Rover in Argenteuil (Val-d’Oise) to take possession of a Jaguar E-Pace P200 Flexfuel. Yes, you read that right, this Jaguar model accepts bioethanol E85. The promise is of course to combine the comfort and performance of a high-end SUV with low costs, as the average price of E85 at filling stations at the time of writing is set at just over 50 euro cents.

A model as impressive as it is elegant

Jaguar E-Pace P200 FlexfuelCredit photo – Autonews

Neat and clean in the parking lot, our E-Pace P200 Flexfuel causes a sensation. With its coupé look, this compact SUV, 4.40 meters long and 1.98 meters wide, looks good. Its design contrasts with the rather sleek style that SUVs generally display. Massive with that gaping grille, the front is impressive. The rear shows a more sporty look, with these two large exhaust pipes dug into the shield. The Hakuba Silver coating is quite elegant. Once the general inspection is over, we’ll hit the road towards Normandy, for a week at the wheel of this E-Pace, which drinks Superethanol-E85.

Our test vehicle is full and the trip computer reports a range of approximately 450 kilometers. We have to cover about 350 of them to our destination, namely the small village of Rocheville, in the Cotentin (Manche). We therefore take the highway directly to begin this journey, quickly activating the adaptive cruise control. But not autonomous driving, as this E-Pace is unfortunately not equipped with it.

Handicapped by its large rims and tires

Jaguar E-Pace P200 FlexfuelCredit photo – Autonews

E85 engine requires, consumption is high. Especially since this Jaguar E-Pace Flexfuel is heavy, with a weight of 1,847 kilos. And our test model sits on gloss black 20-inch rims, which, while very pretty, certainly add to the mileage as they’re fitted with Pirelli P Zero 235/50 R20 tyres. Result: even with very moderate driving on the regulator, it is difficult to get below 11 l/100 km. On arrival on the N13, the consumption figures are at most between 10 and 10.5 l/100 km.

Despite some traffic jams around the Caen city area, we reached our destination without too much trouble. After testing the motorway along, across and across, now it’s time for small local branch roads and the streets of Cherbourg-en-Cotentin to finish the refueling and see how many kilometers you can really drive with the 57 liters of the tank. . In the first case, the consumption of this E-Pace Flexfuel is pretty much between 12 and 13 l/100 km, be careful and sometimes allow yourself a few moments of pleasure.

He just wants to speed up

Jaguar E-Pace P200 FlexfuelCredit photo – Autonews

With a 200 horsepower Ingenium 2.0 four-cylinder turbo unit under the hood, you might have thought this E-Pace Flexfuel would lack power. No! The E85 powered SUV is more of a crime. Quite sporty, even nervous, it makes you want to press the right pedal to feel its rather muscular acceleration. As promised by the manufacturer’s data, it shoots from 0 to 100 km/h in about 8.5 seconds. Let’s move on to the 48V hybridization announced by Jaguar, which is really downright anecdotal. Built-in computer actually doesn’t even mention it.

Sitting at the wheel of this Jaguar E-Pace Flexfuel, we’re pretty well set up and maintained in any case, but the comfort of the suspension is solid. Even steep on certain inclines, which are legion on the Norman roads. It is therefore a fairly versatile model, which knows how to distill a portion of pleasure when asked. Even in comfort mode, its nine-speed automatic downshifts easily. It is necessary to activate the Eco mode to slow down the acceleration and control the consumption a little more. However, there’s no point in hoping to drop below the 10L/100km mark unless you opt for pachydermic driving. Drivers looking for sportiness can switch to manual mode and shift gears via paddles on the steering wheel.

€37 for a full tank with a range of 450 kilometers

Jaguar E-Pace P200 FlexfuelCredit photo – Autonews

A few days after our arrival in the Channel, the time has come to refuel to continue testing our E-Pace Flexfuel. The tank screams famine, and the on-board computer indicates a remaining autonomy of approximately 30 kilometers. We’ve been doing the 410 since we borrowed the car, so that’s pretty much what she initially told us. Go to the Super U service station in Bricquebec-en-Cotentin, which distributes bioethanol E85 at €0.65 per liter. litres. That’s about a full tank for €37 for a premium and impressive vehicle that doesn’t really focus on fuel economy. The price seems ridiculous, at a time when the price of petrol without government subsidies regularly exceeds the €2 mark. Although there are SUVs that run on E85 without consuming as much, the gluttony of the E-Pace Flexfuel is largely offset by the price of refueling.

When the tank is full, it is in the city that we continue to try this E-Pace Flexfuel. The SUV is quite pleasant to use there, with its light steering and honest accelerations that allow it to get out of all situations. Despite the vehicle’s impressive size, parking is easy thanks to the readability of the rear camera. This clearly shows the direction of the E-Pace when reversing, unlike other competitors’ models, where countless lines make it difficult to read this image. This is good, as the narrow rear window is almost useless.

A very greedy model in the city

Jaguar E-Pace P200 FlexfuelCredit photo – Autonews

Where the rub is on par with consumption in urban areas. If we’re not careful, Jaguar E-Pace Flexfuel’s appetite could increase. There are then delusions, such as 16 l / 100 km or even 23 l / 100 km on short trips in the city. In short, the machine is primarily intended to drive on the road in a very satisfying comfort and benefit from a sumptuous interior. As is the case with the R-Dynamic SE trim on our test model, which sold for €62,511. The interior is very smart indeed, with an instrument panel that smartly combines analogue and digital, as well as a dashboard covered in leather with white stitching. We also find the same stitching on the leather seats.

There is also leather on the steering wheel, on the gear lever and on the center armrest, which falls well below the elbow. The headliner and pillars are covered in Alcantara, and the center console is in lacquered plastic. Well-integrated, fluid and responsive, the 11.4-inch touchscreen is, however, very prone to fingerprints. The most manic will have to resign themselves to cleaning it regularly. The rest of the cabin is characterized by rather narrow rear seats, which can still accommodate tall people, as long as you don’t have to travel for long hours. Jaguar has clearly favored the trunk, whose loading volume varies between 601 liters in the normal position and 1,386 liters with the rear seats folded down.

€65 of bioethanol-E85 to travel 1,000 kilometers

Jaguar E-Pace P200 FlexfuelCredit photo – Autonews

At the end of our test week, we are back on the N13 and A13 motorways. We enter our Parisian destination in Waze via Apple CarPlay, and we drive approximately 3.30 by road. As on the journey out, the E-Pace Flexfuel shows that it is more comfortable on the road. If we drive quietly, we even exceptionally manage to establish an average consumption of 9.5 l/100 km. It’s when you take a coffee break right before you hit the highway. Then the consumption at an average of 107 km/h is more around 11.5 l/100 km. We have about a quarter of a tank left when we drop off the car, so we fill up the rest of the tank at the Esso station in Pont d’Argenteuil, which sells E85 for around 71 eurocents a litre. The pump reads €28.38, so traveling around 1,000 kilometers in a Jaguar E-Pace Flexfuel will have cost us just over €65.

Our opinion

Jaguar E-Pace P200 FlexfuelCredit photo – Autonews

Being able to afford a €62,511 SUV while wanting to save money at the pump may seem strange. However, that is what the Jaguar E-Pace Flexfuel promises without lying. Powerful, quite comfortable and terribly sexy, this family model from across the channel allows you to enjoy a luxurious and fast vehicle without being too fussy about the price of a full tank. So, of course, its autonomy is quite reduced and its consumption figures can be scary. But the ridiculously low price of E85 greatly compensates for these small occasions, which are already well erased from the pleasure of driving a car of this style.

Shortly said

From Argenteuil to Cherbourg-en-Cotentin, then vice versa, our journalist tester tested the fuel consumption and autonomy of the Jaguar E-Pace P200 Flexfuel, whose E85 and hybrid engine will allow you to drive in a luxury SUV without destroying yourself by the pump.

Quentin Gueroult

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