What are the benefits?

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An ecological advantage

It is an advantage with a capital A. The use of an electric vehicle significantly reduces the ecological footprint of users thanks to a responsible CO2 footprint. If we can distinguish several types of more or less ecological electric cars based on the level of hybridization – the 100% electric, the classic hybrid or the rechargeable hybrid – these models offer a real saving on CO2 emissions. The electric pinnacle, the 100% electric car that runs solely on electricity thanks to a battery charging system, allows a total absence of greenhouse gas emissions. If the production of the electric vehicle and each of its parts is not yet completely free of CO2 emissions, manufacturers such as Volkswagen are moving more and more towards the recovery and reuse of components and raw materials. Although the batteries still struggle to be recycled, the total CO2 footprint of the electric car, from its factory outlet to its use on the road, is still very favorable and therefore makes it a means of transport favorable to the ecological transition.

An advantage linked to comfort

Another asset, and not least the comfort of electric cars, often tips the balance towards the purchase. The first point to note is the absence of noise pollution. A 100% electric model that does not have an internal combustion engine – a source of often unpleasant noise and vibration – makes almost no noise, whether starting, stopping or driving. You can therefore drive more calmly without having to deal with unwanted noise from your vehicle. In addition to the ease of driving offered by electric thanks to the absence of a gearbox, this model is also manufactured with fewer parts that require checking or replacement than a thermomobile. Thus, you limit both your stops and the heavy and unexpected bills at the workshop and drive your vehicle with more peace of mind and peace of mind. The autonomy enjoyed by the electric also greatly facilitates maintenance, as certain parts such as the brake pads – whose replacement is usually expensive on a thermal model – are less likely to be damaged quickly on an electric vehicle.

A financial advantage

This is the aspect that sometimes raises some questions from motorists. If the prices of electric cars are still expensive compared to the car market, these should not be the only element to be taken into account in the question of the car budget. In fact, decided to reduce the CO2 impact at national level, the state and more precisely the Ministry of Ecological Transformation offers financial support when buying an electric car. As a driver, you can benefit from the conversion bonus and the ecological bonus. Also, as mentioned above, an electric vehicle requires little maintenance and its range also limits maintenance costs. Added to this is the saving of money thanks to the absence of fuel costs, which significantly increases the car budget for a thermomobile. Thus, despite the high cost of the electric vehicle and the replacement of its battery, the savings on the rest often make it possible to compensate and make the purchase price profitable.

Shortly said

Although the electric car is sometimes controversial, it does not lack seductive advantages and gradually arouses the curiosity of many drivers who are eager to change and optimize their form of travel. But how does the electric car manage to seduce motorists, what are its advantages? We will inform you.

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