Vendée: he seizes a comrade in the trunk of a car for a stolen laptop

In this kidnapping case, the accused appeared free with his lawyer. Illustrative photo. ©

At the head of the criminal court in La Roche-sur-Yon, this Monday, September 19, 2022, is still the same defendant, a certain Benoît *, 22, who has just been prosecuted for insulting three volunteer firefighters.

The Vendé, who lives with his mother and makes temporary assignmentshad to explain another matter, even more serious, when he was prosecuted for “Gun violence”, “Forcible imprisonment”, “Repeated driving without a license” and “Refusal to surrender to legal authorities” the code on his phone to examine its contents.

What exactly happened 30 March 2022 in Montaigu, in the parking lot in front of the Leonardo da Vinci gymnasium? The president of the court tried to trace the long minutes of this aggressionquestion by question, in front of a defendant who is not very forthcoming and sometimes in contraction.

“I wanted my stolen laptop back”

That same evening, Benoît* borrows a car from an acquaintance and parks in the gym’s parking lot, where he knows a certain Bamse* is coming out of his sports session.

We met at futsal, but we were never friends.

The accused

The two young men know each other and don’t like each other more than that. But that same evening, Benoît will find his phone, which he would have stolen, and suspects Teddy, which he will pass a soap in its own way.

Drug deal?

The court instead referred to Stolen “Kilos of Cannabis”but like Benedict refused to give the secret code on his mobile phonethe investigators could not objectively clarify the subject of the dispute.

On the stand, Benoît maintains that he suspected Teddy of having him stole his mobile phone.

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He therefore welcomes him at the end of indoor football practice, encourages him to get into his car.

Skin flares, shots go off. “He hit me, so I took the handgun (ed. note: a shotgun) and I hit him in turn with the butt,” confirms Benoît at the helm.

The victim will justify two-day temporary work stoppagesuffering from a stomach ulcer.

Forced into the trunk

Things get even worse when a motorcyclist arrives at the scene. Benoît and his biker friend – whose identity the defendant never revealed – continue to attack Teddy. They force him to crawl into the trunk of the car. It’s from the cockpit, there the victim sends a text message to his girlfriendwhich alerts the parents of the young man.

The arrival of the victim’s father at the scene will allow the release of Teddy, after 10 minutes held by force in the trunk of the vehicle.

“I just wanted to scare him,” the defendant minimizes, unable to clearly answer the court’s questions about what would have happened if no one had come to deliver Teddy.

I didn’t think about that, sorry. I didn’t realize at the time what I was doing.

The accused in the bar of the court

“One side of nickel-plated legs”

that young man takes a motorcycle ride during this seizure, prompting his attorney to say that his client is showing a remarkable amateurism and “on one side Nickel-plated feet”.

What must be refuted “the anchoring in a criminal course” or a serious crime. Master Guillaume Bouchewho assists him, requests normalization of violence among some young people and asks the court for “a distanced reading of what the reality of this case is”.

One year electronic bracelet

The prosecutor is asking for eight months in prison and a partial suspension of two months suspended from a previous sentence.

The defendant who already in total six criminal convictionsget one year’s imprisonmentsentence, which he will execute under electronic monitoring, fitted with a bracelet.

The seals have been confiscated.

Benoît will also have to compensate the victim for €300 in compensation for moral damage and €210 for material damage.

* The first name has been changed

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