Toulouse. “Mission Space”: here is the new book by Violette Mirgue, the mouse loved by children

Marie-Constance Mallard has just published a new volume of Violette Mirgue’s adventures. (©DR)

mission roomthis is the title of the new adventure of Violet Mirguethe most famous mouse from Toulouse, which children love. In her new book, which will be published on September 22, 2022, Marie-Constance Mallard has chosen to send her little heroine to discover the solar system.

Thomas Pesquet urged

The idea sprouted in the head of the Toulouse author during the promotion of her previous opus Charivari at the children’s hospital. “The book was published during the Covid period, we were not able to meet young readers, explains Marie-Constance Mallard. My publisher had therefore arranged video conferences with 5 or 6 readers each time, and I asked them where they would like to send Violette Mirgue: the space came back a lot. »

A bright idea that seduces the author. “I said to myself yes, why Violette never went into space! Especially since Toulouse is closely linked to the aerospace industry. Additionally, it stuck to the news since at the time Thomas Pesquet was on the International Space Station. »

A female astronaut

Marie-Constance Mallard then launches a call on social networks to try to get in touch with the most famous French astronauts. Parents of working readers CNES in Toulouse put her in contact with the structure’s educational service.

“We asked, but the European Space Agency rejected that I drew Thomas Pesquet in the book, for stories about exclusivity contracts and image rights, which are completely understandable. In the end, I drew a female astronaut, and I’m very happy with it. »

Collects garbage in the room

In this new opus, Violet Mirgue and his faithful friend Key take off from Toulouse to pick up trash in space. Before their departure, an astronaut also entrusts them with the mission of recovering the saxophone from the commander of the last space mission.

Violette Mirgue sails from planet to planet before landing… on Space City. Several references to The Pink City are sprinkled throughout the book, such as the blob dear to Toulouse researcher Audrey Dussutour or chocolate.

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For children … but not only!

The book is aimed at young readers from the age of four, but as always, Marie-Constance Mallard slips in many puns that make adults smile. “I know that children like to have the same book read to them several times, and that it can sometimes be off-putting for parents, so I hide jokes to distract them. »

Marie-Constance Mallard.
Marie-Constance Mallard. (©DR)

Scientific proofreading of Cnes

This ninth volume of Violette Mirgue’s adventures has benefited from the scholarly proofreading of City of Space and Cnes.

“I added scientific information for each of the planets for children who would like to use the book to give presentations in class, for example. I didn’t want to make a documentary: Cne’s education department was happy with the one that has few fictions about space for the youngest . They will use the book during their interventions in class.”

Marie Constance Mallard

mission room will be available in all good bookstores on September 22, 2022. The day before, Marie-Constance Mallard will be at a signing session at the Cité de l’espace store between 3:30 and 5:00 p.m.

The book will be published on 22 September.
The book will be published on 22 September. (©

Practical information :
Task space by Marie-Constance Mallard, Editions Privat.
32 pages. €13.90

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