Nintendo Switch has a lot to worry about! Soon a portable console to play Halo Infinite, Deathloop…

News hardware Nintendo Switch has a lot to worry about! Soon a portable console to play Halo Infinite, Deathloop…

If Sony has abandoned the idea of ​​making portable consoles in relation to Nintendo, which remains the champion in the field, but since then many players have taken the market by storm. After Valve and its Steam Deck, it’s Logitech’s turn, in partnership with the Xbox brand, to join the race.

Playing Halo Infinite and Deathloop on portable console is soon a reality

Logitech announced the big news on August 30: After the Nintendo Switch and the recently released Steam Deck, it’s the turn of a third portable machine to invade the market. uh yes The manufacturer joins the race with the Logitech G Cloud Gaming Handheld Portable Console. A machine that has also approached the Xbox brand to achieve a great partnership.

At Xbox, we’re always looking to make video games accessible to more people and in more ways. Since launching Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta) two years ago, we’ve steadily expanded device support: Halo Infinite for entry-level PCs, Forza Horizon 5 for iOS phones and tablets, Microsoft Flight Simulator for Xbox One, and hundreds of games for even more devices like Samsung’s 2022 Smart TV. (…) That’s why today we’re announcing that Xbox Cloud Gaming will be available in more places with the Logitech G Cloud Gaming Console. Catherine Gluckstein, vice president of Xbox Cloud Gaming

Expected to next October 17 in North America, this new console will ship directly with the Xbox Cloud Gaming service linked to Xbox Game Pass. The latter provides access to many video game hits, including the latest releases from Xbox Game Studios. We are of course thinking of Grounded, Sea of ​​​​​​Thieves or even Halo Infinite and even Deathloop, which just lost its temporary PlayStation 5 console exclusivity.

Getting started is easy: as soon as you start your Logitech G Cloud, the Xbox Cloud Gaming shortcut appears on the home screen. You can play hundreds of high-quality titles with an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership, including today’s new games from Xbox Game Studios and Bethesda, plus great titles from our partners like The Gunk, PowerWash Simulator and Tunic. You can also play Fortnite with your friends for free without a Game Pass subscription. Catherine Gluckstein

Already a price for the machine!

We learn that this new machine has more than one trick up its sleeve, as it will be equipped with integrated Wi-Fi and good battery life. Of course, the 16/9 format and 1080p will also be there.

With extended battery life, built-in Wi-Fi and ergonomic controls, Logitech G Cloud allows you to progress through campaigns or log into a multiplayer session wherever works best for you. Catherine Gluckstein

Everything will also be compatible with the Remote Play feature, an option that lets you play your Xbox games from phones and tablets.

Additionally, we’ve worked with Logitech to enable our Remote Play feature, also pinned as a shortcut to the home screen. Remote Play differs from Xbox Cloud Gaming by allowing you to stream your entire Xbox library—in addition to Xbox Game Pass titles—from your Xbox home console to phones, tablets, and now handhelds. Catherine Gluckstein

Finally, note that an introductory price has been announced! The G Cloud will actually be available for $349.99 at launch, although it’s already possible to take advantage of a $50 reduction to bring the machine to $299.99. Unfortunately, no launch date or pricing has been announced for our area. So you will have to be patient.

Nintendo Switch has a lot to worry about!  Soon a portable console to play Halo Infinite, Deathloop…Nintendo Switch has a lot to worry about!  Soon a portable console to play Halo Infinite, Deathloop…

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