Kas Saed seeks to destroy the Bourguibian state

Party chairman Destourian available (PDL), Abir Mossy held the entire political class participating in the process initiated by the head of state through the organization of a false legislative election, responsible for the deterioration of the country’s situation and the destruction of its institutions.We have already communicated our position on the upcoming election… We believe this is not even an act of choice… Currently, there is only one person who makes decisions according to his personal wishes and imposes his choices… The body responsible for the election is underway… This is a state crime! It is an aggression against the Tunisian people and an attack on all laws that preserve the sovereignty of the Tunisian people and their freedom of self-determination and human rights… Quay Said seeks to destroy the state Bourguibian ! », she added.

Invited on September 21, 2022 by Wassim Ben Larbi on Express FM radio, Abir Mossy considered it preferable to choose the policy of empty seats in Parliament than to participate in this masquerade. The president of the PDL confirmed it Said did not have the right to carry out a revision of the electoral law. She preferred to have seats with the Tunisian people on the street. Mossy believed that the next assembly will be a simple delegation council. The president of the PDL insisted on the absence of a democratic approach and transparency in the process initiated by the head of state. She cited the failure to publish the audit report of donations and loans Tunisia has received since 2010 and the accusations of treason that have been wrongly and pervasively made. She also criticized the media’s attitude to the demonstrations that PDL held at the same time against the price increases.

Quay Said forced the hand of the Tunisian people… The people had called for the dissolution of parliament because of the behavior of the Muslim Brotherhood and not their sacrifices in the semicircle… All the people are trying to cross the borders to Europe at any cost… The Caliphate’s constitution is more democratic than Kai’s Said The people no longer have the right to express themselves freely, to participate in free and transparent elections, or to choose the political party of their choice… I have the opportunity to win the election some either the voting method… HAVE what is the use of a decree organizing political parties in times of uninominal elections? We must return to the draft constitution of Zadok Belaid We must study it within the framework of dialogue… There is no sovereign but Kais Saidsingle and without a partner “, he added.

Abir Moussi wondered about the reform program that the government submitted to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to benefit from the financing. She criticized the lack of transparency on this issue and went so far as to send an official request from the bailiff to consult the document in question. She also returned to the need to go through the IMF. The chairman of the PDL lamented the absence of audits and investigations of the management of public enterprises. She believed that certain companies should be subject to a sale of shares in order to create a partnership between the public and the private sector. She then referred to the differences between the government and the social partners, especially at the level of the reform programmes. She assured that Kais Saïed was not aware of the situation and did not understand anything about the economy and the implementation of reforms. She claimed to be able to implement reforms on the very day of her election as the country’s leader.

induce the reform of the compensation system, Abir Mossy wondered about the data that the state is in possession of.We are talking about raising the compensation! But does the government have the data to enable it to identify needy families and marginalized categories? The next deputies get a regional election program and not a national one. Moreover, he has (Wharf Said) given himself the authority to define the general policy of the country…. Quay Said has lost its legitimacy… We must hold an early presidential election… the Danish parliament must revise the new constitution… I hope Tunisians don’t participate in the elections… The Kais Project Said is unusable… We will not get out of the crisis… Even getting funds from the whole world, this program will destroy Tunisia… The people will suffer the consequences of this disastrous policy! I want the actors from the political scene to participate in this masquerade and be ready to play the role of decorative elements responsible the worsening of the situation Country », she exclaimed.


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