HP ENVY x360 Reader Testers: a high performance collaboration tool

Didier Guenoun, Le Raincy (93)

This PC has given me satisfaction for working remotely.

Didier Guenoun

Being a globetrotter by nature, I had the opportunity to test the HP ENVY x360 on the go. As soon as I had the chance, I immediately connected the PC to the hotspot with my 5G phone and it worked immediately. It is very comfortable, reliable and practical.

This PC has also given me satisfaction for working remotely. The sound from the Bang & Olufsen speakers is satisfactory for daily teleworking meetings from Zoom. The camera works very well and the quality of the screen allows you to concentrate on what is being said rather than on the technique. This is very valuable for telecommuters! The quality of the microphones is also excellent. During a meeting, I had opened all the windows and my interlocutors were not bothered by the ambient noise. Noise reduction AI does its job well (Editor’s note: technology built into some HP PCs that allows noise reduction via artificial intelligence).

HP Envy x360 Readers Testers – Performance – Didier Guenoun

One of the essential points on the road is safety. So I tested Windows Hello facial recognition. This system is very fast to unlock the computer and without regret replaces the fingerprint recognition that is not available on this model. I also tested the Absolute security solution (Editor’s note: Absolute is a computer security solution that allows you to geolocate your HP PC, block it and delete stored data). Compatibility with Absolute is reassuring to find your PC, no matter what happens to it. From what I’ve heard, finding him is really effective.

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Finally, Express VPN works very well and is completely integrated. I logged into the US and the system wished me happy holidays in America!

Antoine Hild, Mulhouse (68)

The integrated camera and microphone provide great comfort during video conferences.

Antoine Hill

I have continued to use this new HP PC primarily in my professional life, which has been characterized by heavy roaming lately. In fact, I used this new PC in the corridors of the court, where as a lawyer I am forced to consult the cases in an urgent case. My only regret, specifically for this use, is the absence of a stylus for taking notes in tablet mode (editor’s note: a compatible stylus is available as an option). I also used the PC on the go and especially during a train ride, but the available wifi was not very stable. On the other hand, no problem with the Bluetooth connection of my headphones and my speakers.

As for the connection, I still appreciate the presence of classic USB ports, which make it easy to use the electronic signature key, unlike my tablet, which requires the use of an adapter. The SSD disk provides fluidity, especially for reading maps or particularly heavy plans.

HP Envy x360 - Performance

HP Envy x360 Readers Testers – Performance – Antoine Hild

Using Windows Hello is still just as random. Personally, I don’t like this feature. If the computer detects the face correctly, that’s great, but if not, you have to wait a while before you can enter the PIN, which delays the unlocking. And when you’ve taken notes on the PC and it’s up to you to speak at a hearing, it’s not a very good idea to keep your audience waiting while you open the PC.

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For remote collaboration, the integrated camera and microphone provide great comfort during video conferences. Some customers have noticed the difference. I also really like the option to close the camera with a key on the keyboard. This ensures greater privacy when using the computer, although I am not a conspiracy theorist. I don’t deal with files that are confidential enough to attract hackers!

Elodie Courel, Pamiers (09)

The noise reduction technology is very valuable and allows you to communicate clearly in all situations.

Elodie Courel

I haven’t had the opportunity to use Bluetooth, but the wifi is very stable, no mini interruptions or untimely delays to complain about if the network is good. Connecting to the wifi network is easy (ID and password) and fast. The startup connection is also very fast, on the order of seconds.

The quality of the webcam is excellent, the image is sharp and bright. There is no lag during video conferences, neither for the picture nor for the sound, which is also very good. The noise reduction technology is very valuable and allows you to communicate clearly in all situations, especially on the train, without being bothered by background noise. It is also possible to quickly mute the sound using a dedicated button, thus preserving the confidentiality of discussions. According to my interlocutors, the microphone produces a very good sound without echo or unpleasant crackling.

In general, the sound quality is very satisfactory, whether through the computer’s speakers or headphones.

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HP Envy x360 performance

HP Envy x360 Reader Testers – Performance – Elodie Courel

Connection level, the computer has everything you need. The two ultra-fast USB ports make it easy to transfer files from a USB key or a micro SD card, very handy for recovering photos from a camera, for example! The computer also has an HDMI port that allows you to display the screen on a television, to view vacation photos, for example.

The camera shutter makes you feel “safe” about any digital intrusion. Facial recognition ensures access to the computer and thus to sensitive data that may be on it. Finally, the Absolute application makes it possible to geolocate the device in case of loss or theft, which is reassuring.

In summary:

In this second week of testing, our testers had to focus on two very important points when evaluating a laptop’s capabilities in a professional environment: communication tools and security. Of course, the computer does not solve the problems of an unstable Wi-Fi network, but the testers seem to be satisfied with its connection capabilities, especially in terms of speed and simplicity. It also shows that the connection is practical and that the various security suggestions, such as the camera shutter, Windows Hello and the Absolute solution, are welcome and effective! Finally, our testers agree on the quality of the hardware solutions for collaboration: the webcam and the sound system.

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