Diego Luna for ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’: “With ‘Andor’ we enter the big leagues”

We discovered Cassian Andor in ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’ in 2016. Why devote an entire series to him?

Diego Luna: “When we first started talking about it, I was most excited about the chance to get back into the ‘Star Wars’ universe with all these amazing people. Very quickly, my gut told me that this was the right project and the right time. ‘Rogue One’ is an incredible movie, but it focuses on a single event (theft of the Death Star plans, ed.). While the long format of a series allows us to better understand where Cassian is coming from, and what happened in his life, to agree to sacrifice everything for the cause by embarking on the suicide mission ‘Rogue One.’I thought it was an interesting story to discover that allows to see the private lives of normal or ordinary people who lives in this galaxy far, far away.”

Cassian is completely different from what we saw in ‘Rogue One’…

“It’s the same guy, I assure you ( laughter)! Going back in time gave us the opportunity to put him in a completely different situation. He is five years younger, which explains his more youthful attitude. He is also less sure of what he can accomplish. And the political context is different for the entire galaxy, still controlled by the Empire. The awakening will soon take place, the revolution will begin. We had a lot of fun imagining the path that connects these two moments in Cassian’s life, with this commitment to end where ‘Rogue One’ begins. Everything should make sense and the connection should work. It’s a different approach to storytelling and it was nice to share that with Tony. »

Tony Gilroy is in charge. What did he bring from his experiences with films like ‘Jason Bourne: The Legacy’ or ‘Duplicity’?

“He came up with a lot of ideas to feed Cassian’s past. We’re not just going back five years. We’re going even further, especially into his childhood. He wanted to tell the whole story of a man arriving at the tipping point where a political cause takes precedence over his individuality. All of this doesn’t happen in a day. It takes momentous events to justify such an action, and the series does a good job of showing all the factors that lead Cassian to his destiny.”

What was your biggest challenge on this shoot, as an actor but also as an executive producer?

“For the acting cat, it was the same challenge as for any project. I wonder every time how I will be able to surpass myself, because I want to discover and feel new things in all my roles. As a producer, the pressure came primarily from us being in the big leagues. If you think about it, it’s like making four ‘Star Wars’ movies instead of twelve episodes. There, for example, you might think that everything is closed, but Tony (Gilroy, the director, editor’s note) is still in the cutting room for the last episodes. And then there is the promotion to secure the second season we start and the dubbing of my voice for the Spanish version. In short, it’s madness. The amount of work imposes a certain degree of concentration and daily health. But it is worth it! Like you just got the coolest toy. We are free, we have the budget… We just have to avoid screwing up ( laughter)! »

What does Metro think?

Long ago, in a galaxy far, far away, a certain Cassian Andor (Diego Luna) decided to rebel against the Empire to lead the revolution. If this pitch bears much resemblance to that of the excellent ‘Rogue One’, the ‘Andor’ series actually goes back in time to lay the groundwork for the spy mission described in the 2016 film. So forget the Jedi and their saber lasers, Cassian Andor is a ‘simple’ man of the people whom we will follow from oppression to disappointment until his already established political position in ‘Rogue One’. If series taken from ‘Star Wars’ seem to multiply like rabbits, ‘Andor’ has the advantage of offering a completely different angle that echoes our own current societal dismay. It remains to be seen whether a ‘Star Wars’ adventure that lowers the bar on fantasy and kitsch enriches the universe created by George Lucas or distorts it. It’s up to you to decide, but for a less heated riot we recommend ‘His Dark Materials: At the crossroads of the worlds’ instead.

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