Crazy car in Nevers, thefts, several accidents… Various facts about Nièvre in brief

A person, alone at the wheel of his vehicle, left the road on the A 77 on Sunday 18 September at around It was at Pouilly-sur-Loire that the driver lost control of his vehicle while heading towards Nevers. Despite the absence of injury initially, he was transferred to the Cosne-sur-Loire hospital center for control. The victim tested positive for alcohol by the police.


The gendarmes of Nièvre noted a burglary on Friday, September 16 around noon in a house in Marigny-sur-Yonne. After breaking a window and searching all the rooms of the residence, the thief or thieves made off with jewelry.

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Theft of precious metals

On the night of Friday September 16 to Saturday September 17, two thefts involving cars were observed by the gendarmes of Varennes-Vauzelles and Fourchambault. In fact, the catalytic converters on two vehicles were deliberately sawn off. These pots are regularly targeted for theft due to the rare metals they contain. These can be expensive.

A motorcyclist falls

The driver of a two-wheeler lost control of his vehicle on a straight line on Friday, September 16, in Parigny-les-Vaux. The only reason was that he was negative for the screening tests. He injured his shoulder and was taken to Nevers hospital.

Controls in Nevers

On the weekend of 17 to 18 September, the police carried out anti-rodeo checks in Nevers. A total of 28 mopeds were checked. No violations were found. On the other hand, motorists were less legitimate in the Duchy. On Saturday alone, 22 speeding violations were observed in Nevers under control.

Stolen vehicle found

Police discovered a stolen vehicle on Saturday, September 17 at approximately They file it, the car comes out stolen. The bike was removed by the curlew garage to preserve any tracks and tracks.

Deterioration of Taneo buses: Denis Thuriot announces that the case has been settled, the Nevers prosecutor’s office categorically rejects

There is only room for one

Nevers National Police issued a fine to the passenger of an electric scooter. The latter had nothing to do there, as it is forbidden to take passengers on this type of vehicle.

A moment of inattention takes him to the hospital

A traffic accident took place in Nevers, on Sunday, September 18, around 7 p.m., on the boulevard Pierre-de-Coubertin. The rider of a bicycle would have lost control in a moment of inattention. When the police arrived at the scene, the young minor was lying on the ground. He had just taken the full force of a street furniture barrier in his stomach. He was taken by Samu to the Nevers hospital center. His passenger, who was injured in a leg, was also driven away.

Domino effect during an affected accident

A traffic accident caused a stir in Nevers, Place Carnot. A car followed by a municipal police car suddenly accelerated in the roundabout. The vehicle sped into rue Saint-Martin before hitting a parked vehicle and then another. And another one that was hit by one of the previously hit cars. Already on the spot, the police were able to control the driver. The latter made incoherent remarks. Subjected to a breathalyzer test, it proved positive and showed an amount of 1.56 g of alcohol per litre. liters of blood.

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