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  • 1 The Martial-Ménard room in Kerampuilh

  • During the inauguration of the renovation of the Château de Kerampuilh last May, the region announced the creation of a coworking space. Managed by the Ailes association (Association of Iroise for housing, employment and solidarity), this place, called Espace Martial-Ménard, only obtained its ERP approval (establishment open to the public) in ‘August. A part-time person must be recruited to coordinate the management of the space. Three separate pitches on a total area of ​​47 m² can be rented both to private individuals and to associations or companies. “The potential of such a place is still unknown. We haven’t really done any advertising at the moment,” emphasizes Florence Nivaigne, head of the tourist reception for Ailes. The prices have not yet been determined.

  • 2 The call center at the Business Incubator

  • Since 2014, Poher communautaire has also provided a furnished space of 18 m² for professionals in the premises of the Business Incubator, rue Jean-Monnet, in Carhaix. “However, it is not about coworking, as it is strictly speaking not a shared space”, explains Julie Colin, who is responsible for economic development at the Poher community. This equipped office, which can be rented for half a day or day, at attractive prices (€8 per half day), is primarily aimed at a clientele of occasional telecommuters. “This space responds to a real demand,” said Vice President Jacqueline Mazéas. It all depends on the state of mind. Some are happy to be alone, others prefer to network and exchange”.

  • 3 The Kroazhent project

  • Launching his Kroazhent project in 2019, Youenn Rouméas-Noël, for his part, had the idea of ​​creating “a hybrid place that promotes both coworking and culture, allowing multiple target groups (associations, companies, auto contractors, fitter projects, students, etc.) . ) to interact while working in an efficient environment”. Upset by the health crisis, the project was slowed for two years, which did not prevent its promoter from continuing to move forward. “My wish is to establish a coherent project that meets the territory’s needs,” he says. The more people I meet, the more I see that there is a need”.

    Since August, the Ailes association has managed three coworking spaces in the Château de Kerampuilh, a 47 m² space called Espace Martial-Ménard. (The Telegram/Jean-Noël Potin)

    The Kroazhent project is currently struggling with the difficulty of finding premises. “I have identified a potential space in the city center with an area of ​​500 m², but since it is a private place, it complicates things because it will therefore be difficult to find financiers for the development works, which cost approximately 1 million”, he explains . According to Youenn Rouméas-Noël, a number of organizations show great interest in his project. “Many tell me that they prefer to meet in a common place shared with other structures. It would make it possible to gather certain actions and promote support for projects,” he believes. To get to the bottom of it, he wants to organize a meeting in October “with potentially interested people or structures to establish the needs. If we could have a public place, we could benefit from public funds,” he says fixed. We just need a political boost!”. On the Poher community side, Vice President Jacqueline Mazéas states that she “hasn’t really received any requests at the moment. So there is nothing in the pipeline right away, but depending on developments or wishes, things could develop differently,” she says.


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