Certificates to sell a car

The non-mortgage certificate

This document is also called “certificate of administrative status” and is essential for the sale of a vehicle. It must be presented to the buyer before the transaction because it confirms that the car is in good condition according to the relevant laws. It is a document that it is possible tocome directly online. Just go to mairie.net, for example, to fill in the application form. As part of the transfer of the car, its validity period is 15 days from the date of publication.

The non-mortgage certificate is a document that shows that the vehicle is not subject to a mortgage. It also makes it possible to prove to the buyer that there is no opposition (from the Treasury or a bailiff) to the transfer of his gray card. This piece contains information related to banking and legal procedures about the car. With this document, the acquirer will be sure that the vehicle is not registered as collateral for a loan. He will know that he is acquiring property that is not subject to seizure or theft.

The car transfer certificate

The transfer certificate or sales certificate must be drawn up at the time of the transfer. This is the Cerfa 15776*1 form which can be downloaded from the official site of the French administration. It allows for realize the transaction between seller and buyer. It must be completed and signed jointly by both parties in duplicate. One copy will be kept by the seller and the other will be given to the buyer.

The transfer certificate must contain the full contact details of the new and previous owner. It also contains important vehicle information. The date and registration and identification numbers as well as the make and mileage must be mentioned. The creation of this sales document must be accompanied by a transfer declaration online. This is a requirement of Article R322-4 of the Highway Code. This formality is mandatory and must be completed within a maximum of 15 days. It is she who makes it possible to formalize the change of ownership with the administration.

This formality must be completed on the website of the Agence Nationale des Titres Sécurisés (ANTS). By fulfilling this formality, the seller releases himself from any responsibility in connection with the car. Any accidents or offenses in which it is involved from that point on are no longer the seller’s responsibility. If the seller does not submit the declaration, he can be fined between €90 and €375. He will also be considered to still be the owner of the car. After the declaration, ANTS will give him one assignment code which he must pass on to the buyer.

The vehicle’s registration certificate

The land registration certificate (formerly called gray card) is one of the documents that must be given to the buyer at the time of the transfer. it’s about car ID. It is this person who certifies that the vehicle can be driven in accordance with road safety regulations. Its possession is also mandatory for driving. It contains the essential information about the car. It includes the number and date of its first registration, the contact details of the holder, the mark, etc.

Before you send the gray card to the buyer, the seller must first cross it out. He then affixes his signature in front with the words “sold on” with the date and time of the sale. This information must be identical to that recorded on the transfer certificate. The registration certificate must be accompanied by the detachable coupon duly completed. that buyer’s name must be written on the back of the latter. This document will allow him to circulate for 1 month, time to receive another gray card bearing his identity.

Other documents to be submitted

In addition to the above certificates, other documents must be provided to the buyer. It is recommended e.g. to submit a technical control report from less than 6 months. It is even mandatory if the vehicle is more than 4 years old. transfer car service book is also recommended, although not required. The same applies to repair bills. The HistoVec report, which traces the car’s full history, can also be attached to the transfer file.

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