what is the new star wars series worth?

Certainly, the Star Wars series follows each other at high speed on Disney +. After the much appreciated Obi-Wan Kenobiit’s time for itAndor to land on the streaming platform on Wednesday, September 21. We were able to watch the first four episodes and the least we can say is that this start is extremely promising.

First of all, let us remember that the development of this production has not been a long calm river and that it has come behind. In April 2020, we learned of the replacement of screenwriter Stephen Schiff with Tony Gilroy. The latter participated in the takeover of the film Rogue one and he is therefore an expert in this universe.

Andor explores a very dark era of Star Wars

And the very story of the series takes place five years before the events of this feature film and the Battle of Yavin. We follow the adventures of Cassian Andor, which allows us to witness the rise of the Rebel Alliance.

But for our hero, there is no question at first of joining the rebellion against the Empire. Like Han Solo, he mostly tries to make ends meet through smuggling and a few small illegal arrangements.

From the beginning we find ourselves in the lower depths of the galaxy, and the neighborhoods visited are not particularly famous. A dramatic foundational event marks our hero, and it goes without saying that we will remain silent here. Either way, just know that you won’t quite see Cassian Andor like you used to.

We won’t say more about the story so as not to spoil the fun. On the other hand, we can state that the series surprises in comparison with the last Star Wars productions. Andor don’t pay for the fan service, and don’t expect to see a famous figure of sagaland in the middle of a scene.

During a conference, Diego Luna summed up his state of mind: ” It’s a show about real people. It’s a very dark era in the galaxy, there are no jedi. These people must decide how to respond in the face of oppression. It’s the most down-to-earth Star Wars you’ll ever see. »

He didn’t think so. Apart from the presence of droids and a few ships, these first episodes do not fall into the traditional specifications of the franchise. The Empire is indeed present, but it is a distant and disembodied entity that one respects, that one fears, or that one hates.

Andor: brilliant time management

Andor starts on the planet Ferrix, where an important industrial activity is underway. If the overall atmosphere is quite dark, showrunner Tony Gilroy has been able to add a few lighter passages and some humor. Some scenes actually work very well in this regard.

Among the other positive points, we can also maintain an excellent time management and a good editing of the episodes. The flashbacks add depth to Cassian Andor and we better understand where he is coming from.

Tony Gilroy recently explained: The scope of the series is so huge. The directors work in blocks of three episodes, so we did four blocks (in the first season) of three episodes each. We looked and said, ‘Wow, that would be really interesting if we came back and used each block to represent a year. We get closer to a year with each block. »

This new production therefore takes its time to establish its plot and its characters. Some will consider the story a bit long, but from our side we rather appreciated this choice of realization. We can also be pleased that the characters are not as caricatured and manic as in other major current productions. Everyone has their moments of bravery, but they also have real gray areas and cracks.

Verdict: Andor, a series that surprises us positively

The series will not necessarily appeal to everyone. Indeed, some viewers are hardly thrilled with the idea of ​​watching a Star Wars series without the presence of Jedis or Siths. However, they will miss out on a very well orchestrated spectacle. There is really a real fascination in watching this rebellion form and try to finance itself through means that are not always ethical.

We also appreciate this dive into the day-to-day workings of the Empire with a bureaucracy that makes it run its course. Andor therefore succeeding where many other prequels have failed. It explores the gray areas of the Expanded Universe while staying true to this extremely stimulating saga. It remains to be seen whether the series will retain all its interest over time, but the mission is largely accomplished for these first four episodes.

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