What are the best dog car accessories in 2022?

Some dogs love to ride in the car, while others really hate it. In both cases, there are many accessories to make car journeys as pleasant as possible. Focus on the most practical!

The animal must be mounted securely, in the trunk or on the back seat. Between car nets, safety cords that clip into the harness, protective covers for armchairs, waterproof seat covers or car seats for doggies, you are spoiled for choice. Choose the perfect accessory according to your dog’s morphology, but also according to his behavior in the car. Maybe he’ll feel more comfortable in a basket that wedges him in and prevents him from sliding in the turns! Will you have to take the car often with your future doggy? Put the odds on your side so he gets used to it quickly by buying him the right accessories. Since there are many, we have listed the most practical ones in this comparison. You just have to discover them! Your little companion will be welcomed like a prince.


  1. The easiest to clean
  2. The most practical
  3. The most effective
  4. The most non-slip

The WilTec dog carriage ramp, 156 cm long

This ramp will change your dog’s life as it offers a non-slip and completely safe slope to help him get into the car. Easy to clean with a sponge dampened in soapy water, this non-slip slope is 156cm long and 40cm wide. When folded, it is only 80 cm. So you can leave it in your trunk without it bothering you. In addition, it weighs only 4.5 kg. So it is convenient to move. This dog car ramp can support a maximum weight of 90 kg.

Set of 2 Toozey dog ​​safety harnesses, for all types of harnesses

These seat belts are slightly elastic and act as shock absorbers in the event of a collision. Suitable for dogs of all sizes, they are easily adjustable from 55cm to 75cm. It is up to you to adjust their length according to your dog’s morphology, but also the space he has in the back seats. Available in several colors, they have a reflective seam that makes the dog clearly visible at night. In addition, these belts have a quick release buckle.

Amazon Basics dog cover, easy to install

Coming in black colour, this car cover is made of polyester. Waterproof and easy to clean, it is also very robust and resistant to scratches. The cover is attached to the bench using elastic straps. There are two straps for the headrests and two seat anchors. The cover also has two small openings which allow easy access to the seat belts. Finally, the fabric from which it is made is very soft under the pillows. Your dog will be able to lie on it in the greatest comfort!

Toozey car trunk cover, suitable for all trunks

This protective trunk cover is completely waterproof and can be cleaned with a sponge. It measures 185 x 105 cm and fits the vast majority of standard-sized cars. In addition, it is adorned with two large pockets, practical for storing your doggy’s accessories. To secure it, simply adjust the straps to the height of the headrests. The car dog guard comes with a small collapsible plastic bowl, ideal for giving the animal a drink when it returns from a walk.

Where should you put your dog in a car?

Regardless of whether you are going on long trips or short trips, it is important to get your dog properly settled. This is important for his comfort, but also for his safety! The Road Act states that the animal must not disturb the driver in any way. It must not be in his field of vision or impede his movements.

It is forbidden to put your dog in the front seat. So you have to put it in the back seat or in the trunk. In any case, the animal must not be able to pass over the front seat.

If you have a large dog, it is advisable to install it in the trunk. It is more comfortable to sit or lie down.

How do you ensure your dog’s safety in the car?

To travel safely by car with your pooch, you must prevent him from circulating in the vehicle. There are several solutions for this: install a grill in the car, place the doggy in the trunk, put it in a dog car transport box or tie it down.

Also, when driving with your dog, never open the window fully. Dogs can exhibit unpredictable behavior, especially when stressed. If your pet jumps out the window, you won’t forgive yourself!

What are the different dog accessories in the car?

There are many types of car accessories for dogs. The transport box is one of the most widespread. Practical and easy to clean, it makes it easy to transport dogs.

There are also leashes that attach to the harness buckle to prevent the dog from moving around the cabin.

As for dog car seats, they offer the dog a place of its own while protecting the seat. You can also buy a protective dog car cover for your trunk or back seat.

You can also choose a toy to fill with treats to distract him and relax him during the journey.

Is it mandatory to tie your dog in the car?

It is not mandatory to wear a dog safety harness, although it is highly recommended. In fact, if you brake suddenly, your animal can suddenly be thrown forward. He risks the same injuries as an unattached human! At high speed, the impact can be fatal. In addition, the dog can harm other passengers in the vehicle.

In addition, you prevent your dog from moving if you tie your dog. If you have a sniffer dog, there’s always a chance he’ll try to climb onto your lap while you’re driving. Can you imagine the danger! The animal can also prevent you from seeing through the mirrors.

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