Too many cars, not enough public transport: the question of travel dissected in Avallonnais

Better understand the needs of residents of Avallon in terms of transport, make the existing provision better known to engage in collective reflection. This was the whole issue of the call for testimony launched in May by the citizens’ collective of Avalon. About 150 volunteers participated, and their testimony “shows a strong demand to improve the frequency of public transport and the reliability of trains”, notes the collective in its summary. Here are three points highlighted in this study.

1. It is still difficult to do without the car.

The Avallonnais surveyed by the collective say they use their car every day for 51% of them. 35% use it only two to three times a week. This use of the car corresponds to very diverse activities: going shopping (30%), going to work (22%), practicing activities or leisure (25%).
The collective also notes that the car continues to be widely used to travel outside the territory. It is widely used to get to Dijon, Semur-en-Auxois, Auxerre or Lyon. On the other hand, to go to Paris, we note a lower use of the car in favor of the train. Which is not the case for going to Lyon.

2 Expected improvements.

During its call for comments, the collective asked the people of Avallon what improvements they wanted to see in terms of public transport in the region.

Travel time and costs weigh in balance

Most of the requested improvements relate to the frequency of transport and the issue of local services. “For the train, it is almost only the Avallon/Paris line for which the testimonies predominantly ask for more train frequency”. Regarding the local services, the testimonies approach different scales of the territory: lines that go from the center of Avallon to the outskirts, transverse lines between the capitals of cantons, interdepartmental lines to bring together Semur, Montbard or Nevers, Corbigny, Clamecy…

A new TER offer will apply between Yonne and Paris

3 ideas to reduce car use.

Several residents of Avallon were offered alternatives to private cars. Among the proposed aids: the establishment of “assistance for the purchase of an electric bicycle, shared car or the development of a local carpooling service and not only for long trips”. But would the residents of Avallon be ready to give up their cars in favor of public transport? Yes, but on the condition that the frequency and the proposed timetables are more appropriate and that the duration of the journeys by public transport is not longer. The question of price is also important, “it comes up repeatedly, with an observation especially regarding the train: it is expensive”, notes the collective.

Coach. In a press release dated September 8, the NUPES collective of the second district of Yonne regrets the change of the route of the LR 807 bus line connecting Tonnerre with Avallon. Eleven municipalities located in Serein are no longer served.

Maelle Hamma

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