The La Celle meadows have become the 22nd sensitive natural area in Cher

“This signature is the result of long-term work carried out by the mayor of La Celle, Philippe Auzon, who has managed to preserve this part of his city. It is the beginning of a great adventure”, smiles Didier Brugère, vice-president of the Cher departmental council, responsible for water and environmental policy, and talks about the signature that has made “Prairies de La Celle”, last week, the twenty-second sensitive natural area (ENS) in Cher.

A signature between the municipality of La Celle, the National Forestry Office (ONF), the Centre-Val de Loire Conservatory of Natural Spaces (CEN) and the Cher departmental council. In total, this new ENS is spread over 12.75 hectares.

Agricultural land used sixty years ago

As for its management, it will be ensured by the National Office of Forests. In fact, these 12.75 hectares of open spaces, composed of meadows, are part of the 41.87 hectares of the municipal forest of La Celle.

CEN Centre-Val de Loire is co-leader of this new ENS. Michel Prévost, president of CEN Centre-Val de Loire, points out:

“We are on an existing site on two plots. We are definitely in an agricultural area whose land was used about sixty years ago. Half of the site’s surface is occupied by bushy formations. »

An “environment of landscape interest” which has been “protected” by the CEN Centre-Val de Loire, since May 2021, thanks to the signing of a tripartite agreement between the CEN Centre-Val de Loire, the municipality of La That and the National Forestry Office. “This signature took time, especially with Covid-19, but we have been working on the site since 2011 and the discovery of Azuré des mouillères (read elsewhere), whose only population is on the site. When we started working on this convention project, the idea of ​​ENS labeling not in the air”, summarizes Michel Prévost.

The only population of Azuré des mouillères

As part of this ENS agreement, there will be a management announcement in 2023. “We have to map the environments, identify the fauna and flora present and determine the protection issues, continues Michel Prévost. The ENS label will allow us to have more funds. »

The departmental council wants to preserve and strengthen the sensitive natural area Etang du Puits in Argent-sur-Sauldre

Sandra Bouilly, project manager in the departmental council’s environmental department, says:

“Of course, there will be consistency between the CEN management communication and the ONF management plan. A site committee will be created which will bring together all the actors who will work on this site. »

A site that is home to ten species of heritage flora, including the endangered mountain clover, but also around fifteen protected or heritage species of fauna. Especially therefore Azuré des mouillères.

There will be a management announcement in 2023, “to map the sites”, among other things

For the mayor of La Celle, this signature is above all good news for the residents of the area and for the municipality. Philippe Auzon:

“It will motivate the population to discover this site. Above all, it will make it possible to maintain and improve it. Everything is empty, we don’t even know what we are missing. There are hidden treasures that we do not know .”

Assessment provided by the county council, “which will take care of the signage, or even the educational boards to be installed”, assures Didier Brugère.

The Azure of the Moss. The Aquatic Azure is a butterfly that is protected at national level, at risk of extinction at regional level. Its peculiarity is to carry out part of its life cycle at the expense of an anthill, whose workers feed the larva. The eggs are laid on the closed flowers of gentian pneumonanthe found at the “Prairies de La Celle” site.

Jeraud Mouchet

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