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The Star Wars franchise is coming out of its doldrums with a disturbing and promising new series. What is Andor, the spin-off of Rogue One worth? Critical.

In 2015, Lucasfilm returns to the front of the stage with a seventh installment of its flagship license. While the director has decided to retire, the studios, now in the hands of Disney, have no intention of letting the goose sleep for very long. Star wars returns with new faces and new challenges.

The power is awakened unfortunately, it was less a real return of a flagship license than the memories of past glory. A kind of formless creature passed through several hands, the new trilogy did not meet with the expected success, at least on the critical side.

Among this new cuvée, few have found favor in the public eye. Only Rogue one, tragedy at the heart of a galaxy in full rebellion, has become obvious. Gareth Edwards brought a breath of fresh air to the galaxy Star wars. As Disney+ looks to add new productions to its catalog, a spin-off is developing Rogue one seemed obvious. Andor is it the dream of our autumn nights?

Spin-off of a spin-off, a dream within a dream

The plot from Andor follows, as the name suggests, the adventures of Cassian Andor before he joins the Rebellion to fight the Imperial troops. In truth, the Rebellion doesn’t even exist, with the galaxy completely in the grip of Palpatine and his henchmen Darth Vader. While searching for his sister, Andor is chased by troops from the planet Morlana One. Then begins a race against time for our hero, who must find a way to escape.

As soon as the trailers are released of Andor, it was clear that the series would take a different approach than its predecessors. It is structured as a thriller in several acts, an anthology with different inspirations. The creators wanted to pay tribute to a large number of films, and initially those by George Lucas. Leave the very colorful and smooth aesthetics of the latest movies and series, Andor is a sticky and nuanced object. More than an epic adventure, about a chosen one and the mysterious aspect of power, the production dreams of a story of a human journey on the edge of a galaxy plagued by an unspeakable evil.

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The series therefore endeavors to evoke all aspects of this dictatorship and exploit it through those who suffer from it. In the first episodes, the antagonists of earlier times are content to be mentioned, it is here a question of following the course for those who will eventually make their voices heard to confront the Empire.

The scriptwriters aim to shed light on the period ahead Rogue one thus offering more density to the character portrayed by Diego Luna. The story navigates through several key moments in his life; a journey through time and space that takes us back to his childhood. The mystery surrounding these origins is also one of the series’ strengths, a dual narrative that repeats the main plot while providing relief for these first episodes.

When I grow up…

Andor seems to be the mutation of Star wars, a passage to adulthood for the license that has so far flourished in an almost regressive universe. She also invites very few strange creatures, most of the characters are human. The overall aesthetic very much reflects this darker turn of the license. From photography to the dank atmosphere of Fest, reminiscent of the UK where the series was filmed, the series moves away from the Western inspirations of its predecessors to reinforce this impression of newness.

But it is above all in the themes that they take it upAndor finds its difference. Here, totalitarianism takes on a new color. Where George Lucas’s narrative was fundamentally Manichean, almost biblical, Stephen Schiff’s and Tony Gilroy’s work delves deeper into that gray area.

disney plus andor
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Heroes and antagonists are not only good or bad, the line between the two camps is more blurred. Especially since the series deals with necessary evil. It is also a matter of class struggle, the character camped by Diego Luna also insists on this through a replica which could in itself sum up the bias of the series. “They are so proud of themselves. They are so fat and content that they can’t imagine that someone like me could ever invite myself into their home.

The first three episodes navigate quite easily between all his inspirations before the series adopts a new guideline. It seems to borrow from the heist movie in its fourth part, but it will still be necessary to wait for the release of the fifth episode to be sure.

Also, for the first time in the Star Wars galaxy, romantic relationships are not content to be off-screen. Sexuality is briefly invited into the story, at the turn of a scene that takes on a new character. We would even say that in its approach to family relationships, the new Disney+ production blows a new wind. Four episodes is still not enough to judge how this new approach will be utilized, but we’ll just say that the project is very promising.

Dream cast

Rogue one is arguably the best film of the latest Star Wars era. While the main saga multiplies the narrative back and forth, it goes for simplicity and explores the story of a heist with spatial sauce. A recipe that works, and in particular thanks to a gallery of people, each more interesting than the other.

Diego Luna had already shown the extent of his talent, he repeats the feat with this new part of Cassian Andor’s adventure. He rubs shoulders with other actors of his caliber, starting with Stellan Skarsgard, who embodies an important character in the narrative. Note also Adria Arjona’s performance, much better in this score than in what she was given Morbus.

Andor on Disney+
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All these beautiful people master their score to perfection, allowing the series to find its pace and tone. The danger is on every street corner, the excitement is at the meeting. However, it should be noted that the first episode is surprisingly slow, but that the sequel increases in intensity.

At the end of the first four episodes, it is clear that the series has captured our attention. After several series of questionable script quality, it already seems soAndor have more to tell. We are waiting for the airing of the next episodes to be sure. We are already far from very sleepy The Boba Fett Book.

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