our only wealth is human capital

The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Moncef Bukthir claimed that the start of the academic year was uneventful. He emphasized that the start of the preparations since the publication of the results of the matriculation examination have had influence. Each academic institution has the opportunity to submit proposals regarding the number of students and other subjects… There are forecasts and an evaluation… We must preserve teaching and scientific research… Our only wealth is human capital “, he declared.

Guest on September 20, 2022 in Myriam’s show Belkadhi on the ether Shems FM, Moncef Bukthir believed that the university should be in symbiosis with reality and the labor market. He returned to the creation of “Manouba School in engineering”. This is the first Tunisian engineering school whose courses are given in English. The minister emphasized the importance of the English language in the world. He clarified that the courses also included a course on ecological engineering.

Bukthir also mentioned the establishment of Kef’s Higher Institute of Technological Studies, including a university course in biomedical engineering and engineering in medicinal plants. The Minister confirmed that this specialization offers countless professional perspectives and gives young people the opportunity to create their own projects. He then returned to the creation of several new sections, especially in computer science and new technologies.

Unfortunately, we cannot respond to all applications submitted by candidates… The number of applications represents eleven times the number of available places in these specialisations… Three years ago we started to create a course that involved both academics and professionals… An agreement reached in October with the Canadian Embassy enabled the creation of six licenses of this kind within Higher Institutes of Technological Studies “, he added.

Regarding the situation within the preparatory institute for engineering studies in Kairouan, Moncef Bukthir explained that a month before the start of the academic year, the ministry had noted that there were cracks in the institution’s walls. His department has begun a process of temporarily transferring courses to the Faculty of Letters and Humanities in Kairouan. This establishment is spacious and has a large capacity (up to 6,000 students). The minister stated that there was no solution other than cohabitation until the restoration of the institute. He also requested a second opinion from another office in addition to a report from the Ministry of Equipment and Housing.

There have been several successes within the Ministry of Higher Education… I am proud to have participated in the creation of the Tunisian Agency for Evaluation and Accreditation in Higher Education and Scientific Research… This agency will guarantee quality education… It is a non-administrative public enterprise which will be autonomous… The appointment of a daily manager at the head of this company will take place after a call for applications. “, he said.

Subsequently, the minister referred to the ranking of universities around the world. He recalled that Tunisia had only thirteen universities and that there were several rankings. He referred to a war between these classification agencies. He confirmed that Tunisia was present in several classifications, especially that of Shanghai Ranking. He indicated that Tunisia was second in the world for degrees in engineering and technology and seventh in the world for government spending on education and training.


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