Mondial de l’Auto wants to fire all wood

“The shows are only a reflection of their industry »spear Luc Chatelpresident of the PFA, to explain certain shortcomings of the 2022 edition of the Paris Motor Show, in particular the weight of absent builders, and to justify initiatives that are abundant but sometimes devoid of common thread. He does not evade the shadow of the absent: Builders need a smaller living room than before, especially since they now know how to make their own arrangements. They also have to keep track of their expenses, and that is why the WC is shorter this year and has an offer for stands far from the cathedrals that we have come to know. He follows the concept of sobriety ». For him, it will be important to satisfy the exhibitors present and attract between 300,000 and 400,000 visitors, far from the million at the last edition. A new positioning that we had already detailed Serge Gachotdirector of the Paris Motor Show.

Emmanuel Macron’s visit is expected

To achieve this, it relies on an eclectic offering that doesn’t hesitate to venture into BtoB territories, as evidenced by the backing of Equip Auto. Or the organization of the Paris Automotive Summit (see the 2021 edition), which will bring together major leaders such as Carlos Tavares Where Luca de Meo, for example, and politicians, the hope of receiving the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron be caressed. This could be an opportunity to provide the terms of social leasing and the complex equation of 100 euros per month. A space dedicated to professional mobility, the 1 600 m², will bring together LCVs and raise the issue of ZFEs, city delivery flows and the last mile. Banque des Territoires will also be present through start-ups (Clem, Mobivolt, etc.). The world must show that the French automotive industry is mobilizing around the ongoing changes to offer solutions »emphasizes Luc Chatel.

Villebrequin, Netflix and gaming to attract young people

Furthermore, Mondial also claims a festive dimension through the voice from Frederic Bedin, Chairman of the Board of Hopscotch. Animated night life every night, Crankshaft distance of 590 with 1000Tipla, the teaser video has already recorded 900,000 “views”, a game area of game is launched and the new BatCycle, the presentation of season 2 in the series” Lost ball from Netflix and a large indoor electric go-kart.

As long as there are cars…

Rest assured, there will still be cars to see. Thanks to Renault group, came in full and in drovesand to Stellantis, more economical (Peugeot, DS and Jeep, but without Citroën, Opel or Fiat…). Asian manufacturers will be at the forefront (Vinfast, BYD, Wey, Seres or Ora), while Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance confirms its demonstration of strength with Agilauto, FCA Bank, Sofinco, Leasys Rent and brands such as DR, MG, Fisker, Tesla and Vinfast. The banking sector, which is banking on the boom in rental finance products, will cover the show (BNP Paribas, BPCE, etc.). Certain distribution groups will also be present, such as the farm Cosmobilis (BYmyCAR, By car Simone, Fleetway, Goa, Marcel, Ucar) and Emil Frey France, via its trademark Autosphere specialized in used cars. In addition, extraordinary cars will be on display thanks to a collection of Ferraris and “made in France” sports cars. In fact, luxury brands (Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, etc.) no longer come to Paris, preferring e.g. to target the Dubai show. Geneva and its cohort of supercars and preppers have also set sail for Doha, a different relationship with money and ecology. At the other end of the spectrum, minicars will be represented by at least nine manufacturers. An opportunity to discover the promising Spanish electric brand Silence.

Popularize the energy transition

Road tests will also be offered between Porte de Versailles and Issy-les-Moulineaux. Around 50 models will be available (mainly cars, two-wheelers remain the prerogative of the Mondial de la Moto and other events on new forms of mobility), including about fifteen LCVs, notably hydrogen-powered. This is perhaps where the clue in a living room should be found: electrification (mainly BEV and FCEV). The entire electromobility ecosystem will be represented (infrastructure suppliers, energy, services, Electrique Box de l’Avere and PFA, etc.) and the organizers promise a lot of education to promote the energy transition. While they believe in their lucky stars, they believe it the passion for the car survives in France and that most French people simply need a car in everyday life ».

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